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SE London Housing Partnership – an introduction and an overview Mark Baigent London Borough of Greenwich.

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1 SE London Housing Partnership – an introduction and an overview Mark Baigent London Borough of Greenwich

2 This presentation 1. Introduction Background to SELHP 2. Overview SELHP achievements in 2007 The challenges and key issues for 2008

3 Background to SELHP This is 4 th annual conference Sub regional working is established Increasing reference to it by CLG, other Government Departments, GLA etc. Sub regions for London Plan match housing sub regions (but not Hackney??)

4 Havering Barking & Dagenham Redbridge Newham Bexley Tower Hamlets Greenwich Lewisham Bromley Southwark Croydon Merton Sutton Kingston Upon Thames Richmond Upon Thames Hounslow Ealing Hillingdon Harrow Brent Barnet Enfield Haringey Waltham Forest Hackney Islington Camden City of London City of Westminster Lambeth Kensington and Chelsea Hammersmith and Fulham Wandsworth

5 In place and available on 2006-2010 SE London Housing Strategy Action Plan for 2007-8 reviewed 6 monthly Intermediate Housing Strategy Guide for RSLs Sub regional wheelchair homes design guide ‘Smaller’ actions plans for Buy to Let, HA homelessness prevention, each SELHP sub group, SELHAG.

6 In 2007 Continuation of inter borough allocations pilot Established a Buy to Let Forum and plan to hold a seminar to share recent research in the New Year Good delivery of “Discretionary Funding Streams” – especially for private sector/decent homes/vulnerable households We will complete feasibility study into private finance in equity release schemes (Workshop 7) Increased Housing Corporation (“in year”) investment

7 In 2007 Pooled approach to shared ownership seems to work – only sub region for which over 10% of 2006-7 sales were to existing tenants (Tower Homes in Market Place) Lewisham has first EDMOs in London, but more joint working on empty homes between all boroughs and HA partners (Market Place) Landlord Day in April

8 In 2007 Gypsy and Traveller Accommodation Needs Assessment due to complete (probably New Year) Young people’s leaflet produced & well received. 2 nd print run due to demand (Registration Desk) Under Occupation pilot for HA sector hosted by Gallions HA has achieved 12 moves so far. (Market Place) Agreement with Pathmeads to pilot private sector lettings scheme (Market Place)

9 Challenges and key issues for 2008 Local Authority assessment of HAs Capital Moves and the Accessible Housing Register Discretionary Funding Streams – only interim for 2008-9 (private sector decent homes + empty homes). Difficult to plan and commit to long term programmes. Uncertainty over PSA7. Can we use short term funding to use existing vehicles to deliver on climate change? Evolving relationships with GLA and Housing Corporation (and its successor)

10 Challenges and key issues for 2008 A more integrated and co-ordinated approach to the private rented sector : using it, improving it, regulating it. Co-ordinating Housing Market Assessments/Housing Needs Surveys Are sites available, and ready, for desired scale of development?

11 Challenges and key issues for 2008 The oil tanker has turned – there are now more 3 bed homes in the pipeline – will progress continue towards sub regional and Mayoral targets and will 4 beds and wheelchair units pick up too? Joint (between boroughs) procurement is difficult – can SP show the way forward?

12 Over to…. Tim Williams – key messages for us based on Thames Gateway about LA role in getting the quality right Rona Nicholson – role of LAs in working with the Housing Corporation IDeA – strategic and place shaping role of LAs (Workshop 1)

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