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Overview of Legal Requirements Pertaining to Interpretation and Translation Services in K-12 Educational Settings Leslie Padilla-Williams, Executive Director.

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1 Overview of Legal Requirements Pertaining to Interpretation and Translation Services in K-12 Educational Settings Leslie Padilla-Williams, Executive Director Alexander Fonseca, Director of Language Training Hola Language Services 1

2 About the Presenters Leslie Padilla-Williams Hola Language Services, Executive Director Native Spanish speaker, educated in Latin American and the United States Bachelors in Legal and Social Sciences United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Outstanding Latina Entrepreneur Award Recipient Educational Translator for 15 years (former CA District Translator for Vista Unified School District) CA Credentialed Teacher - Adult Education (Vocational, Academic, Supervisory) with 10 years teaching experience ELAC/DELAC Trainer or Trainers ELAC Committee Coordinator Bilingual Parent Involvement Facilitator CDE Task Force Member - Translating and Interpreting in the K-12 Setting Spanish Language Consultant for North Coastal Consortium for Special Ed. Hola Language Services 2

3 About the Presenters Alexander Fonseca Hola Language Services, Director of Language Training 20 year veteran as a Language Consultant Interpreter, Translator, and English Language Instructor in Guadalajara, Jalisco, México Official Translator, Bancomer, S.A., Los Angeles Director of Language Training, Hispanic Training Institute in Riverside, California ELAC/DELAC/RELAC Interpreter and Presenter Official Translator and Interpreter, Escondido Union School District Educational Staff Development - Professional Trainer San Diego County Office of Education Language Project Specialist Designated Subjects Vocational Education Teaching Credential, State of California Hola Language Services 3

4 Translating vs. Interpreting Interpreting: Refers to the process of orally rendering communication from one language into another language. Translating: The preparation of a written text from one language into an equivalent written text in another language Hola Language Services 4

5 General Education: State and Federal Requirements CA EDUCATION CODE (EC) SECTION 48985 Parental Notification Requirement When 15% of the student body in a K-12 school speak another language other than English, then : ▫All notices, reports, statements, or records sent to the parent or guardian of any such pupil by the school or school district shall, in addition to being written in English, be written in such primary language, and may be responded to either in English or the primary language Hola Language Services 5

6 General Education: State and Federal Requirements NCLB, Title I, Part A, Statutory Mandates regarding translation and interpretation requires: ▫That information be translated into language that parents can comprehend. ▫That information includes parental notification documents related to:  State plans, academic standards, academic assessments, reports, annual state report card, annual local educational agency report cards, school-wide programs, school improvement plans, and parental involvement activities. Hola Language Services 6

7 Special Education: State and Federal Requirements IEP Meetings. The Code of Federal Regulations (34 C.F.R. sec. 300.345(e). ▫A written notice must be provided in their native language of the time, location, and names of participants in IEP meetings. ▫School district must provide an interpreter to be present at IEP meetings. The need for an interpreter does not mean that the IEP meeting can be delayed. Hola Language Services 7

8 Special Education: State and Federal Requirements Notices and Documents (Assessment Plans, Procedural Rights, and IEPs). 34 C.F.R. sec. 300.345(f), Cal. Educ. Code sec. 56321 and 56329, Cal. Code Regs., Title V, sec. 4308. ▫Families have the right to receive the above mentioned documents translated into their native language, upon request, unless to do so is clearly not feasible. Hola Language Services 8

9 Categorical Program Monitoring (CPM) Process– Evidence Reviewed 2005-2006 CPM Instrument – Section Pertaining to ELAC/DELAC Requirements ▫Review and comment on the written notifications required to be sent to parents and guardians (5 California Code of Regulations 11308[c][7]) Hola Language Services 9

10 Interpretation/Translation Quality Currently, there is a growing concern for the quality of the interpreting /translating services offered by school districts. 1) California Department of Education (CDE) ▫Quality Indicators for Translation and Interpretation in K-12 Educational Settings: Guidelines and Resources for Administrators.  Assessment, recruitment and training of bilingual staff 2) National Association of School Psychologists: ▫Recommended Practices for Working With Interpreters ▫Made with the assumption that interpreters have received proper training Hola Language Services 10

11 Interpretation/Translation Quality Over 30 School Districts Hola Language Services has successfully trained bilingual staff to interpret and translate effectively in general education and special education settings. Some districts were recommended to offer this type of training by the Office of Civil Rights (OCR) and/or the Categorical Program Monitoring (CPM) Team County Offices of Education, include: ▫Santa Clara ▫Monterey ▫San Diego CABE, NABE, NASP, CASP, CDE ▫ Presentations have been conducted regarding the topic of interpreting and translating in the school environment. Hola Language Services 11

12 Importance of Training Raïnof 1980 “Metaphorically speaking, having two hands does not make someone a concert pianist – that expertise depends on how the two hands are trained”

13 Hola Language Services 13 Sources of Information Orellana, Marina. La traducción del inglés al castellano. Editorial Universitaria, 2005. Aparicio and Durban. Translation: Getting it Right! American Translators Association, 2006. California Department of Education. Quality Indicators of Translation and Interpretation in Kindergarten Through Grade Twelve Educational Settings. CALIFORNIA RULES OF COURT. Rule 2.890. Professional Conduct for Interpreters Code of Professional Conduct for Interpreters, Transliterators, and Translators. Approved by the New Jersey Supreme Court Effective December 1, 1994. National Association of School Psychologists. Recommended Practices for Working with Interpreters.

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