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Natural Gas the Cleanest Burning Fossil Fuel.

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1 Natural Gas the Cleanest Burning Fossil Fuel

2 Natural Gas Facts Cleanest burning fossil fuel
Provides 24 percent of U.S. energy consumption. Measured in British Thermal Units or BTU. Made up of methane and its homologues- other components are hydrogen sulfide, ethane, butane, pentane and propane. 55 percent of American homes use natural gas for home heating. Delivered to about 175 million American consumers through a 1.3 million-mile network of underground pipe. U.S. accounts for 24 percent of world’s natural gas production.

3 Environmental Impacts of Natural Gas
Mainly is an environmentally healthy-fuel but does have the potential to worsen allergies and chemical sensitivity It is also the most significant source of indoor air pollution that is responsible for generating illness

4 Benefits of Natural Gas
When natural gas is burned it does not emit large levels of sulfer dioxide and produces virtually no solid waste. Natural gas is extremely efficient with a “total energy efficiency” of about 90 percent. 85 percent of natural gas consumed in U.S. is produced in the U.S. making it a highly reliable energy source. The supply of gas is reliable as well as the delivery system is underground and therefore exempt from weather-related interruptions.

5 Gas Turbines Compressor: brings in the air from the engine, pressurizing it and then feeding it to the combustion chamber at extremely high speeds. Combustion System: ring fuel injectors inject natural gas into combustion chamber where it then mixes with air. Mixture is burned at temperatures exceeding 2000 degrees. The high temperature and high pressure gas from the combustion chamber expands through the turbine section. Turbine: made up of rotating blades; the gas expands in the turbine, causing the blades to spin; this in turn produces electricity as the blades draw more and more pressurized air into the combustion section.

6 Gasification of Power Plant
Gasifier converts hydrocarbon feedstock into gaseous component through the application of heat under pressure of steam

7 Delivery System System includes the following: production wells, processing plants to remove impurities, underground pipelines and smaller local distribution lines, compressor stations to move gas through the system, different kinds of gas storage facilities and peaking facilities to supplement gas supply on cold days. New technological advances with natural gas delivery system include the ultra quiet new pipeline compressors and the plastic pipe that can operate under high pressures which would reduce the need for new pipe.

8 Natural Gas Prices

9 Home Safety Diagram courtesy of the California Seismic Safety Commission

10 The End Special thanks to Professor Meshkati for encouraging us to undertake such a fascinating project.

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