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Animal Rescue By : Kirsten Cowan.

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1 Animal Rescue By : Kirsten Cowan

2 Thesis Statement: Animal rescue is very important to the lives of several animals and to any community out there because the people who rescue these animals saves their lives, it teaches people about important views and qualities on life, and it gives the animals a second chance for them to actually be loved for once.

3 Topic Sentence #1: The many organizations for animal rescue saves lives of 1,000’s of animals every year. Evidence: The ASPCA alone has saved millions of animals alone just last year. 5 to 7 million animals enter shelters each year.

4 Topic Sentence #2: Animal Rescue can show a person different views on life and can change them around. Evidence: The show Pit bulls and Parolees shows how a person can change from a cold person to a loving person.

5 Topic sentence #3: When people save these animals, it gives them a second chance to live and experience real love. Evidence- All the rescue stories I’ve read all have happy endings if they live through the horrible situations they have encountered. They all get to go to good happy homes to get the love and shelter they deserve.

6 Conclusion: Animal rescue saves lives of innocent animals, teaches and changes people, and gives animals a second chance at life to see what it is actually like, but to understand all this and how it really works you have to participate in it.

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