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Learning, Development & Equal Opportunities Marie Connolly Learning & Development Manager.

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1 Learning, Development & Equal Opportunities Marie Connolly Learning & Development Manager

2 Key Aims To ensure the employees of the University are enabled to achieve their full potential through valuing diversity and equality of opportunity and through supporting excellent performance through progressive development policies.

3 Key Areas Organisation Development Leadership & Management Development Staff Development Equality & Diversity

4 Key Objective The Learning and Development Section has responsibility for designing and delivering the annual Corporate Learning & Development Plan within the University, aligned with the strategic goals of the University and in support of the key development needs as identified under the Performance & Development Review System (PDRs). Learning & Development Schedule – HR Website HR Notices

5 Key Initiatives Leadership Development: Executive Team Development Academic Leadership Development Programmes Leadership Development for Support Managers Coaching ethos Management Development Programmes Continuous Professional Development Programmes

6 Career Development Programmes For early stage academic staff Early stage Support staff Leadership Development for Women (collaborative initiative with NUI Galway) New Initiative fro 2012/3 – Academic Career Progression Programme for Mid Career Academic Staff

7 PDRs A system that is designed to help translate the University’s Goals & Objectives into Faculty /Department/Division/Team and individual objectives. Aid to performance Consistency in management practice across the University both for Academic & Support Staff. Employees take accountability for their own performance. On line PDRs Training for Reviewers;

8 Dignity & Respect Training Provided though L&D Section All staff required to attend

9 Mentoring Mentoring is a Career Management Tool used by organisations to nurture and develop their staff. It is a relationship between two people in a work setting the purpose of which is passing on knowledge and information, sharing wisdom and experience and offering advice and help in a confidential manner. Only University in Ireland to have a scheme for all employees 40+ trained Mentors. 1 year relationships – ongoing calls & supports for the scheme.

10 Mentoring Mentoring application process on the Web Training – Mentors & Mentees On-going Mentoring support workshops.

11 eLearning LEAD (Living Equality & Diversity Programme) – covers 5 modules – available to all http://www.leadequalitynetwork.com Epigeum on line programmes research-context Epigeum – Research Skills Programme University and College Teaching courses: University Leadership Programme

12 Further Study The Further Study Scheme is managed by Learning & Development Section 2 years service with the University - guaranteed 2 years further contract. Department Managers/Head of Department and Director/Dean’s approval HR 50% of approved courses Forms available on the HR Website erstudy.doc erstudy.doc

13 Competencies Frameworks Academic Competencies Frameworks – Role Profiles: Under Policies & Procedures C%20Procedures%20and%20Forms/Academic%20Role%2 0Profiles.doc Academic Roles of Responsibility demic%20Role%20Profiles- Roles%20of%20Responsibilty_0.doc Competency Framework For Administrative Staff C%20Procedures%20and%20Forms/Competency%20Fram ework%20by%20grade.doc

14 Equal Opportunities International Women’s Day Conference Women’s Forum – Sub Committees Gender based initiatives etc. Intercultural Awareness Training Disability Awareness Training – Census etc. FEASTA Project – Female Empowerment in Science & Technology Academia

15 Quality ISO 9001 Accredited Customer Feedback Staff Survey

16 Questions?

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