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2 Name all the countries (and their capitals) that belong to the United Kingdom.
Name all the countries (and their capitals) that belong to Great Britain. What are the symbols of Great Britain?

3 The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
The UK is situated on the British Isles which lie off the northwest coast of Europe. It consists of 4 countries and 4 nations: the English, Scottish, Welsh and Irish people. The official / formal head of the state is the queen, Elizabeth II. (There is no president) The most important person in the British political system is the Prime Minister, currently David Cameron. The British Parliament is often called Westminster because it is housed in a distinguished building in central London called the Palace of Westminster.

4 The Palace of Westminster - UK Parliament

5 Buckingham Palace

6 Buckingham Palace is a symbol and home of the British monarchy, an art gallery and tourist attraction. Located in the City of Westminster. Changing the Guard at Buckingham Palace: the ceremony lasts about 45 minutes and usually takes place daily at 11:30 from April until the end of July .  Windsor Castle the largest inhabited castle in the world and the Queen's favourite weekend home

7 Windsor Castle

8 England occupies the largest, southern part of Great Britain
England occupies the largest, southern part of Great Britain. The southwest and west are largely plains, hills and moors. Is one of the most densely populated countries in the world. The country is divided into 36 counties (Yorkshire, Hampshire, Kent, Essex, Sussex, etc.) The capital is London. English countryside is remarkable for its green fields and trees. The country has a long coastline with many famous seaside resorts (Brighton, Bournemouth, etc.) The most beautiful natural scenery can be seen in the northwest of England in the Lake District (NP).

9 Look at the map of England and describe it.
Which places in England do you think are worth visiting? Oxford University Stonehenge Cambridge University Stratford upon Avon

10 Wales is largely mountainous country
Wales is largely mountainous country. It is famous for its long rivers, wide lakes and high hills in the north of the country. The highest mountain , Snowdon, is meters above sea level. The capital city is Cardif

11 Scotland is a country full of traditions and romance
Scotland is a country full of traditions and romance. Scotish people remain very independent and proud of their culture and heritage. They speak various dialects. It is country of hills, lakes (called lochs), fast flowing rivers and deep valleys. The most beautiful part is the region called Highlands. The most famous lakes are Loch Lomond and Loch Ness where mythical monster, Nessie, lives. The biggest city is Glasgow, but the capital city is Edinburgh, which belongs to the most beautiful cities in the world. It is an international centre of music, drama and is famous for its annual festival the Edinburgh International Festival of Music and Drama.

12 Look at the map of Scotland and describe it.
Which places in Scotland are worth visiting? Edinburgh University LochNess Lake bagpiper

13 The capital city of Northern Ireland is Belfast
The capital city of Northern Ireland is Belfast. The country is mostly rural, with many small farms producing pigs, cattle, milk and eggs. Catholic Ireland became independent in 1922, while Nothern Ireland (mostly protestant) remained a part of UK. The biggest problem og NI is haterd between the protestants and catholics, supported with terrorist attacks by both sides.

14 Madame Tussaud’s Museum
What do you know about London? Can you name the following attractions? (click on the picture) 3. 1. The Tower of London Buckingham Palace 2. Tower Bridge 4. Millenium Wheel 5. Red Double Decker 6. Piccadilly Circus 7. Hyde Park 8. Westminster Palace 9. Madame Tussaud’s Museum 10. Changing of the Guards

15 Choose one royal couple from the pictures below and prepare a short presentation about their life. Search for the following information. • where, when and how they met • how their relationship started • some information about their wedding • children •duties connected with their status

16 Test your knowledge. There are four incorrect facts
Test your knowledge. There are four incorrect facts. Find them and correct them Welsh is the official language of Wales. England, Wales and Scotland form Great Britain. The United Kingdom comprises England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. London is the capital of England and Great Britain. The official currency of England is euro. Queen Elizabeth II holds great political power in the UK. The Republic of Ireland is a sovereign state and it is mostly Catholic. Northern Ireland has its own legal and educational systems. The national flower of England is rose.

17 http://www. slideshare

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