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Unit 2 – PRACTICAL SPORT Year 9 BTEC sport.

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1 Unit 2 – PRACTICAL SPORT Year 9 BTEC sport

2 Practical lesson recap
Answer the following questions to allow you to complete your log book: Date / lesson number – What skill / technique did you cover in the practical lesson? What warm up did you do and why? What practices / drills did you do / cover? – diagrams help! What teaching points were highlighted? Why is the skill / technique important in the sport covered? How do you use this skill in a game? What are your strengths with this skill / technique? What are your areas for development?

Regulations Rules WHAT ARE THESE ? WHAT DO THEY MEAN? WHAT ARE THE DIFFERENCES? Scoring systems Officials

4 Definitions and differences
Rules = the directions that define the way a game or sport is to be conducted – played in. Regulations = the rules designed to control the conduct of the sports players. Regulations are official rules, and have to be followed. Scoring systems = The method in which the score is kept and referred to determine the outcome of the sport – e.g. winner, loser, draw etc. Officials = any person who acts in sports contests as an umpire, referee, judge or sports contest official. They enforce the rules and regulations of the sport.

5 Football – rules or regulations
Name as many rules or regs and put them into each of the groups on the board and justify why?

6 Football – Rules, regulations and Scoring Systems
I am an ALIEN new to the sport of FOOTBALL What do I need to know to play the sport successfully? Can you categorise the rules and regulations stated into groups? What could these groups be?

7 Basic rules needed to participate successfully in the sport
Players and participants Equipment Playing surface Facilities Health and safety Time Officials So what do we mean when we speak about these? Give me an example for each

8 Lesson activity – groups of 4
Under each of the headings on your page you need to: LIST the rules, regulations that fall into each category for FOOTBALL Present these ideas on A3 paper and create a MIND MAP of what you come up with. Minimum requirement = 3 items per heading Max requirement = as many as you can think of / know.

9 Football rules and regulations
Basic rules equipment officials time Scoring methods Players / participants Facilities Playing surface Health and Safety How to win

10 Homework Write up week of the Football Log Book Heading and shooting Make improvements to your week 1 log book write up – as shown by Mr Chapman

11 Assignment 2 Scenario You have been asked by the manager (Mr Fowkes) of the sports coaching company ‘MK Sports Coaches’ to give support to some of the younger children (aged 10 to 11 years) who attend their coaching sessions. The children often struggle to understand the rules, regulations and scoring systems for the sports they take part in. Mr Fowkes has asked you to select two sports and cover the rules, regulations and scoring systems for each sport and demonstrate how the rules are applied and who applies these rules within the selected sports, within specific situations.

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