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How to Contribute to the National Day on Writing.

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1 How to Contribute to the National Day on Writing

2 Log on to At, the opening screen looks like

3 “Contribute” button is in the lower left Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the “contribute” button:

4 Create a Profile

5 Contact Information

6 Scroll through the Welcome Screen

7 Scroll to “Your Writing” to Contribute

8 Read & Accept Permission Statements

9 About the Author

10 What information will you share? As you complete the author pages, you will be asked whether or not you would like to share certain information. If you click the Share This box, the information will appear in the National Gallery of Writing. If you leave that box unchecked, the information will not appear.

11 About the Piece: Title & Importance

12 About the Piece: Date & Purpose

13 About the Piece: Technology

14 About the Information Requested These questions about purpose, technology, audience, and genre will help develop a national profile of why, how, when, and what people write. Understanding these things will lead to improved resources for writers and better strategies for teaching and learning.

15 About the Piece: Audience

16 About the Piece: Genre

17 Making Changes After completing the two pages about the author and about the piece, you can always return to the page, make additional edits, and then click Update.

18 Choose the WVU Gallery

19 Choose the Local Gallery: Celebrate WVU There are many, many galleries around the country that are all collecting writing. To help demonstrate the value of writing at WVU, you want to click on: And then scroll down to choose :

20 Gallery Screen When you locate the WVU gallery, the screen will look like this. Please do not view the gallery in a new window.

21 3 ways to contribute your writing!

22 Complete your submission

23 Acknowledgement Screen & E-mail You should get an immediate “thank you” to confirm that your piece has been submitted. Within a week, you will get an e-mail to let you know your piece has been accepted.

24 October 20 is the National Day on Writing! The Gallery opens on October 20, 2009, the National Day on Writing. On that day, writers from every walk of life will pause to share their work. Please be part of the celebration!

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