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The 1st Multi-media Celebrity

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1 The 1st Multi-media Celebrity
Elvis Presley The King of Rock-n-roll 18 No 1 Hits First to sign with a major label: RCA Over 30 films The 1st Multi-media Celebrity

2 Bill Haley and the Comets
1st rock hit No.1 on all three charts: pop, country, R&B Popularized in the film Blackboard Jungle “Rock Around the Clock”

3 Chuck Berry *The first great rock guitarist
*Johnny B. Goode *classic guitar riff *Combined country vocal sound with blues rhythms

4 Little Richard Pioneer of the rock piano sound
Wild showman with dramatic flair Claims to be the true king of rock

5 Jerry Lee Lewis Fiery hair and fiery persona
Scandal after marrying his cousin Classic rock piano Whole Lotta Shakin’

6 Buddy Holly Texas country style blues and rockabilly
Backing band called the Crickets Inspired the Beatles and their name That’ll Be the Day, Peggy Sue

7 The Ronnettes etc. Girl groups dominated 1962 and 1963
Amazing harmonies Powerful vocals over the WALL of SOUND “Be My Baby”

8 The Beach Boys Popularized the surf sound
Vocal harmonies based off of barbershop quartet Imitated Chuck Berry guitar riffs Huge success but lacked the lyric depth of rivals the Beatles

9 The Beatles Paul,John, George, Ringo From Liverpool, England
Started the British Invasion Came to Ed Sullivan Show February 1964 Dominated the charts with top 5 hits at once that year Most successful group of all time Shifted focus from singles to albums

10 The Beatles Early albums: cheery but less creative pop
Mid 60s: greater depth of lyrics influenced by Bob Dylan, more skillful songs crafted by the so called 5th Beatle producer George Martin Late 60s: great diversity, lacked direction after death of manager Brian Epstein

11 The Rolling Stones The original bad boys of rock
More deeply entrenched in the blues tradition Guitar riffs core to the songs Mick Jagger and Keith Richards Most enduring rock band still draw huge crowds for live performances Nearly 500,000 attended 2003 Toronto show

12 British Invasion The Beatles The Rolling Stones The Animals The Who
The Moody Blues Dave Clark Five The Kinks Herman’s Hermits

13 Bob Dylan Folk icon who wrote anthems like “Blowin in the Wind” and “Times They Are a Changin” Influenced by Woody Guthrie and Elvis Presley Squeaky voice, brilliant lyricist Covered by EVERYONE it seemed Created the folk rock blend Minor hit with “Like a Rolling Stone”

14 Motown Sound Berry Gordy Jr. founded Motown
Based In Detroit (the Motor City) Studio in his own house Called it Hitsville USA Produced dozens of No. 1 hits in 60s The Funk Brothers (backing musicians) Song writers like Holland Dozier Holland Choreography Etiquette training

15 Motown Greats

16 James Brown Godfather of funk The “Soul Man”

17 Four Noteworthy Festivals
Newport Folk Festival 1965: Dylan Plugs In Monterey 1967: Psychedelic Rock Woodstock 1969: Hippies Get Mainstreamed Altamont 1969: 4 Die in Tragedy

18 Jimi Hendrix Guitar virtuoso Died tragically
Innovative use of distortion and pedals Created a modern sound for the guitar

19 Mamas and Papas

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