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Standard 4: Objective 3 Modes of Transportation Cruises.

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1 Standard 4: Objective 3 Modes of Transportation Cruises

2 Cruise ships have the same amenities of a resort. They offer lodging, food service, travel, sports, and entertainment.

3 Principal Cruise Lines Carnival Cruise Lines: Largest in the industry, has “fun ships” for young, active travelers Celebrity Cruises: caters to an older clientele Disney Cruise Lines: For travelers of all ages Royal Caribbean: Has large ship and lots of options Costa Crociere: Italian cruise line, dominates the Mediterranean market

4 Cruising Locations There are many cruising locations and can be divided into ocean, sea and island cruises. Major cruise areas include: – Alaska – The Bahamas – The Caribbean – The Mediterranean – Mexico – Panama Canal

5 Ship Layouts Bow: Front of ship Starboard: Right side of ship Port: Left side of ship Stern: Back of ship (moving towards the stern is called moving “aft”) Top deck: Sun and sports deck Next deck: Pool, sports and fitness areas, salons, buffet meals Main deck: Purser’s office Higher priced suites are on higher decks, as they have better views

6 Accommodations Accommodations: There are a variety of sleeping accommodations on cruise ships – Larger rooms and suites are on upper decks – Outside cabins have windows or portholes – Inside cabins on lower decks are the smallest and least expensive

7 Food Service Food Service: Food service is offered 24 hours a day. – Meals served in dining rooms (often assigned seating) – Buffets – Bars – Snackbars

8 Entertainment Entertainment: Most cruises offer a wide variety of entertainment – Guided Tours – Excursions – Spas – Casinos – Movie Theaters – Shopping – Games/Activities – Shows

9 Excursions Shore Excursions: additional expenses for passengers and vary from a partial day to several days Cruise lines work with land tour companies to provide excursions

10 Pricing Pricing: All cruises are different, appealing to many different types of travelers and budgets. Pricing is based on: – The ship – The season of sailing – The length of stay – Cabin location – Itinerary

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