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Technology Transfer Funding Initiatives Linda D. Saffer, Ph.D. Technology Analysis Specialist.

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1 Technology Transfer Funding Initiatives Linda D. Saffer, Ph.D. Technology Analysis Specialist

2 TEDCO’s mission To foster the development of a technology economy that will create and sustain businesses throughout all regions in the State of Maryland. Created by the State legislature in 1998, as a public instrumentality of the State.

3 TEDCO Outreach Initiatives Upcoming Public Laboratory Showcases National Institutes of Health, October 2004 NASA Nanotech Conference, Nov 2004 NAWC Pax River December 2004

4 TEDCO Seed Funding Initiatives Funding for technology collaborations between companies and universities or federal laboratories and funding to universities to make a technology more licensable Objective of initiatives is to enable a company in the earliest stages of a technology partnering project to raise additional funding for the project

5 Public Funding Project Capital Funds $ University Technology Development Fund Federal Laboratory Partnership Program $ Maryland Technology Transfer Fund Maryland Industrial Partnerships (MIPS) DBED Challenge Toucan Capital New Markets Venture Fund DBED Enterprise Fund SBIR ATP $$ $ Basic Research Proof of Concept Feasibility Testing Product Development Product/ Service Development Project Public Laboratory Company

6 Technology Transfer Program University Technology Development Fund Supports pre-commercial research on university intellectual property to increase the likelihood of commercialization. Maximum award amount is $50,000. Reimbursable award.

7 Technology Transfer Program Federal Lab Partnership Program Enables companies to reduce the cost of a CRADA with a federal lab in Maryland Should be first collaboration between lab and company Provides funds from 50% to 90% of the cost of a project with a maximum of $20,000.

8 Technology Transfer Program Maryland Technology Transfer Fund Funds Maryland companies developing technology-based products and/or services in collaboration with the Universities and/or Federal Laboratories in Maryland. Maximum award amount is $50,000 Reimbursable award

9 Maryland Industrial Partnerships (MIPS) Matching grants for research to help Maryland companies develop products or processes. Research conducted by faculty from any University System of Maryland campus. Grants up to $100,000 MIPS office- (301) 405-3891 Martha Connolly

10 MD Department of Business and Economic Development Programs Challenge Fund Provides investments of up to $150,000 for seed-stage companies to cover a portion of the initial costs associated with bringing new products to market. Awards are typically made in units of $50,000 Enterprise Investment Fund Makes direct equity investments in emerging companies to enable them to move into their next stage of development. The amount of investment ranges from $150,000 to $500,000. 3:1 coinvestment by venture fund is required. Ann Quinn, Director, Investment Financing Group, 1- 877-821-0099

11 Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Grants Large federal funding agencies participate Opportunity to propose innovative ideas that meet the specific research and research and development needs of the Federal Government Three phase program 1 - Feasibility demonstration 2 – Expansion/development of phase I results 3 - Commercialization with non-federal funds

12 Advanced Technology Program National Institute of Standards & Technology Bridges the gap between research lab and market place, stimulating prosperity through innovation. Through partnerships with the private sector, ATP’s is accelerating development of innovative technologies that promise significant payoffs FY 04 Proposals Closed as of April 15 1-800-ATP-FUND,,

13 TEDCO Ventures: Toucan Capital Toucan Fund II is a $120 million fund that began making investments in summer 2001 Toucan Capital specializes in very early stage investment opportunities. The fund managers are particularly interested in working with inventors, researchers, scientists and first-time entrepreneurs at the beginning of their efforts to commercialize an invention or technology.

14 TEDCO Ventures New Markets Growth Fund Dingman Center $20 Million private equity fund Invests $100,000 - $1Million, may play a lead role Seed and early stage technology companies Later stage growth companies Located or willing to locate to designated low- income geographic areas- Greater Baltimore- Washington and Northern Virginia area Contact: Mark Grovic 301-405-9499

15 Funding Program Briefing TEDCO funding programs detailed briefing in Columbia, MD July 9, TEDCO Offices 2:00 to 3:30 p.m. July 23, Neotech

16 For further information contact: Steven L. Fritz, Ph.D. Director, Technology Transfer 410-715-4166 Linda D. Saffer, Ph.D. Technology Analysis Specialist 410-715-4175 Maryland TEDCO 5575 Sterrett Place, Suite 240 Columbia, MD 21044

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