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Let’s Plan a Vacation in Ohio! Adrea Crozier Ora Hankins ED. 417-02.

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1 Let’s Plan a Vacation in Ohio! Adrea Crozier Ora Hankins ED. 417-02

2 Unit: 1 Social Studies Map Skills Grade Three

3 Lesson Map skills Planning Strategies Concepts of Cost

4 Materials Needed Power Point Projection system Screen or wall Computer(s) with access to Internet One Ohio map handout per student. One website handout per student One Highlighter per student Markers or crayons One Activity worksheet per team

5 Objectives The Students will be able to: Demonstrate an understanding of social studies aspects that are utilized in planning a vacation, such as: map skills and concepts of cost. Explore the effectiveness of their own planning strategies. Identify and describe in their own words, the importance of using map skills and planning strategies.

6 Lesson Plan: Day One- Introduce students to the lesson by showing the slide “Let’s Plan a Vacation in Ohio” along with the handouts of the same title and map. Allow time for the students to label the directions of North, South, East, and West (see teacher’s example). Next, show the students how to mark on their maps, the starting location…like a “You are here” spot. Allow time for the students to color their map in by regions, see power point map. When they are finished they can exchange their map handout for a website handout and a hi-lighter. When all students are ready, we can move on to the rest of the lesson. Explain to the students that they are going to be planning an imaginary three day vacation that can be taken during any time of the year and that each person only has $500.00 to spend on the whole vacation. Next, explain to the students that they are going to be broken up into groups as follows: (tell the students which group they are in and post the pre-made list of groups). Since the groups are composed of two to three people per group they must then move to sit in the designated (by teacher) area of the room in order to cut down on confusion. Instruct the students to hi-light the website on their handout when they come to one that is appealing to them as we see it in the power point presentation. Now the teacher can proceed to the first slide that is hyperlinked to a possible Ohio vacation spot. Continue through Ohio vacation possibility slides until all are viewed.

7 After the students have viewed the presentation, they are allowed to go with their group to a designated computer (taking turns if necessary). At the computer is a list of the instructions. The students are to narrow down (with their own group) the vacation spots that they would like to visit, to about three. Now they must fill in, on their activity worksheet, which websites they chose to research. Then they can go to those websites and view the information to help them make a final decision of one vacation destination. When they decide, they must fill in the activity worksheet by writing down which vacation site they chose and why. They are instructed to consider aspects such as time and cost. Lesson Plan: Day Two-

8 Instructions 1.With your group, decide which three websites you would like to investigate. 2.Go to the computer station with your group. 3.You will find your activity worksheets there. Fill out the activity worksheet as you proceed. 4.If you investigate websites that are not included on the website handout, you must first get permission. 5.Decide on one vacation site that you and your group are going to plan your imaginary vacation for. 6.Use the activity worksheet to explain why you chose that vacation site!

9 Let’s Go On Vacation in Ohio!

10 So...Do you like animals? servation/lists/listing.html /seaworld/ohio02.htm /birding/usohio.htm

11 How About Music?

12 What do you think about sports?

13 How about visiting an Amusement Park? ohio/

14 Want to learn about another culture? Maybe even make some new friends? eol/p_indian/tradit/adena.html

15 Check out a museum…

16 Interested in Science?

17 Time to investigate plants? index.html

18 Want to discover the Arts in Ohio?

19 Like to go camping?

20 Great Job!!! Don’t forget to finish your “Let’s plan a vacation map handout”! Make sure that you locate where your vacation site is on that map! Then you can draw a line from your starting point to your vacation site. Congratulations! You have completed your Vacation Planning activity!

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