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Jayne Bernardini Peter Schunk Jan Vanecek. Presentation Outline Evolution of Security Software Company Profiles Compare System.

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1 Jayne Bernardini Peter Schunk Jan Vanecek

2 Presentation Outline Evolution of Security Software Company Profiles Compare System


4 Security Defined Ensure data stored in a computer cannot be read without authorization Data encryption and passwords Encryption-translation of document into unintelligible language Source:

5 History of Internet Security Incidents 1969 ARPANET begins 1986 First well-publicized security incident 1988 First automated network security incident “the Morris Worm” 1989 ARPANET officially becomes the Internet WANK/OILZ worm 1994 Tools “sniff” packets from the network 1995 Attacks on computers that have trust relationships Source:

6 Security Technology Operational Technology Passwords Firewalls Monitoring Tools Security Analysis Tools Antivirus Crytography Source: Level 1 Internet ISP Level 2 WAN, MAN Server Level 3 LAN PC



9 Future of Security Technology Internetworking Protocols Cope with vastly increased routing needs Intrusion Detection Anomaly detection and pattern recognition Software Engineering and System Survivability No single point of failure Web-Related Programming and Scripting Languages Inform users Intelligent Autonomous Agents Performs computation or gathers info and presents a result Source:


11 Symantec Kerio Founded in April 1982 2005 revenue – $2,583 million IPO on June 23, 1989 More than 17,500 employees Operations in 40 countries securing sensitive online consumer interactions financial transactions instant messaging preventing malicious threats and crime ware Entered market in 1997 2005 revenue – $20,253 Customers in 70 countries Offices in U.S., Great Britain, and Czech Republic Services Communication Security Software Products Internet Messaging and Firewall products Kerio Mail Server Kerio WinRoute Firewall Kerio WebSTAR Source: Kerio s. r. o.Source: Symantec

12 Kerio Mail Server – Release history January 17, 2002 * SSL now works from browsers supporting 40-bit enryption March 25, 2003 + SpamAssassin spam filter * improved spam header filter April 2, 2003 + spam filter can change message subject September 26, 2003 + fax plugin July 18, 2005 + WebMail mini + support for MacOS X Tiger (10.4) + Kerio Synchronization Plug-in for Outlook (synchronization of contacts and calendars in Outlook e-mail profile) Source:

13 Kerio Mail Server – Release history + ability to use two antiviruses simultaneously (McAfee + one external plugin) + support for PDA in WebMail (http://server/pda) October 26, 2005 * Enhanced backup options: added support for differential backup, backup scheduler is more flexible July 18, 2006 + Added two-level spam rating. Spam messages could be tagged or blocked depending on spam score. + New SURBL (Spam URI Realtime Blocklist) anti-spam check significantly increases Spam Filter efficiency. December 13, 2006 + Over-the-air synchronization with Microsoft mobile devices via Microsoft ActiveSync® protocol. Source:




17 Source: Kerio s. r. o.


19 Includes: Integrated virus scanning Antispam Content filtering controls Flexibility to choose between multi-platform software- based Appliance-based and hosted service solutions What is mail security software?

20 System Requirements Symantec Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange: Microsoft Exchange Server 2000/2003 Intel Server-class 32-bit processor, 1 GB of RAM Kerio Mail Server CPU 500 MHz, 256 MB RAM Microsoft Windows, Linux SymantecExchangeOS KerioOS

21 Business Requirements United States: B&B Electronics Long-Term plans Often renew licenses with same vendor Price User-friendly Czech Republic: IIB s. r. o. Short-Term plans Shorter licenses Price sensitive User-friendliness only a “plus”

22 Software Implementation Implementation DurationModifications Product Selection RobustnessExtensionsPrice Vendor Selection ReferenceReliability Need Identification Implementation Award Contract Evaluate and Rank Vendors Validate Vendor Claims Vendor Quotes Needs of the SystemRFQ and RFP Research Technical Criteria and Options SpecificationsRequirementsVendors

23 Common Elements Management commitment Tech support Communication of the policy Security awareness of all users

24 Questions ? Thank you for your attention.

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