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WWW.ALPHAINFOLAB.COM The Fastest Growing Indian IT Beacon.

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1 WWW.ALPHAINFOLAB.COM The Fastest Growing Indian IT Beacon

2 WWW.ALPHAINFOLAB.COM WHO WE ARE The GBS Group is involved into the business since decades. Fulfillment of commitments is one of the main policies and it is very well experienced by our esteemed associates. We pledge to stick to this policy.

3 WWW.ALPHAINFOLAB.COM WHO ARE WE A global IT service provider, established in the year 2008 by The GBS Group. Alpha InfoLab Pvt. Limited understand the unique business process and needs of its customers, thus delivering a quality service to its clients. Our customer focused approach along with technical expertise provides excellence and innovation. We provide the winning edge to our clients by delivering reliable and scalable products. We are serving a wide range of industry sectors, which include Financial Services, Entertainment, Information Technology, Professional Services, Auto Dealerships, Non-Profits, Manufacturing, Travel, Education, Child Care, Retail, Ecommerce, Advertising and Marketing among others.

4 WWW.ALPHAINFOLAB.COM WHAT WE We are always in search of innovations and breaking the limits of what technology can do. Alpha InfoLab Pvt. Limited has won the confidence of many customers because of its good understanding of technology and market. DO

5 WWW.ALPHAINFOLAB.COM WHAT WE DO DESIGN DEVELOPMENT REVIEW Web Based Software Development & Design We have a team of highly qualified professionals with all the required skill sets and ability to handle and complete any project related with web and application based software development. A successful development project satisfies or exceeds the customer's expectations. It is our endeavor to develop and complete the project in time and with economical fashion. The development lifecycle must promote creativity and innovation. We are also resilient to change and adaptation. We have a separate skilled and experienced team of web designers who use their creativity combined with latest technology tools to design breath-taking websites which are beautiful and inviting. We stress upon functional, highly interactive websites which are designed to meet individual’s objectives.

6 ASSIGNMENTS WE HAVE Responsive Web Design 01 Website Redesign 02 Social Media Design 03 Corporate Identity Design 04 E-Commerce 05 Custom Web Application 06

7 FRAMEWORKS Prestashop 0101 Magento 0202 Opencart 0303 Wordpress 0404 Joomla 05 VTiger 06 We have hands on

8 TECHNOLOGIES PHP 0101 MySQL 0202 HTML5 0303 CSS3 04 AJAX 05 JQuery 06 We mastered

9 WWW.ALPHAINFOLAB.COM OUR We posses a wide variety of products & projects. PORTFOLIO

10 WWW.ALPHAINFOLAB.COM OUR PORTFOLIO E-Commerce Online retail websites are highly complex with multiple payment methods, shipping methods, tax codes, promotional discounts, etc. Eliminate performance anxiety and trust our expert team of developers that are certified in ecommerce development. Ref: WE BUILD STUNNING ONLINE STORES

11 WWW.ALPHAINFOLAB.COM OUR PORTFOLIO The Ultimate Affiliate Tracking Program Our robust, reliable and flexible technology is empowering advertisers everywhere to make the most of this high- impact, exciting channel. Garuda is a complete email marketing platform intended for marketers that need to handle very large volumes of email while ensuring optimum deliverability. The Intelligent Mailer IT is a web based complete Billing & Client Support Solution Software. Chittragupta not only allows users to place orders but also provides a complete billing and support platform, Complete Billing & Client Support We carefully designed MAGNET to be easy to use, quick, scalable and up to the latest standards. The result is a truly unique CMS which is incredibly fun to use yet full of potential to create the next big Coupon website with. Coupon, Deal & Bid Management



14 Connect us to share ideas, exchange view points and interact with established thought leaders. CONTACT INFORMATION WWW.ALPHAINFOLAB.COM

15 CONTACT INFORMATION Alpha Infolab Pvt. Ltd. 8, New Agrawal Nagar, Navlakha, Indore - 452001 INDIA Phone: +91 731 4081111 Email: WWW.ALPHAINFOLAB.COM

16 CONTACT INFORMATION FACEBOOK /AlphaInfolab TWITTER /AlphaInfolab Linked-in /AlphaInfolab youtube /AlphaInfolab WWW.ALPHAINFOLAB.COM


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