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Nutrition Education: Equipping Your Toolbox Spring 2013 Crista Hawkins, RD, LD.

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1 Nutrition Education: Equipping Your Toolbox Spring 2013 Crista Hawkins, RD, LD

2 Who is Oregon Dairy Council? Philosophy  Science-based groundwork  Practical skills that translate research to action  Creative strategies motivating behavior change Target Audiences  Health Professionals  Educators Since 1918, Oregon Dairy Council has been encouraging healthy food choices for life! We are a staff of nutrition professionals who are registered dietitians and nutrition educators. Oregon Dairy Council is part of the Oregon Dairy Products Commission, one of 20+ Oregon Commodity Commissions charged with education, research and promotion. We are proudly funded by Oregon dairy farm families.

3 Why Nutrition Education? Dietary patterns are suboptimal Food environment is complex Information environment is complex Consumer interest is growing, but people are confused

4 Nutrition Education Imparts information Promotes healthful behaviors Creates environmental change Individuals make informed decisions about food, habits and health

5 Keys to Nutrition Education Science-based Develop good habits early Role Modeling Positive Environment Hands on Experience FUN

6 It’s All About Behavior Successful programs:  Set behavioral change as goal  Employ educational strategies to achieve that goal  Are motivational, messages have positive spin  Evidence-based  Fun and creative  Include food  Hands-on Outcomes:  Small steps  Positive results in some components, not all Contento, 2007

7 Why Target Educators? Reach educators, teach kids Address obesity crisis among kids Start healthy behaviors early Serve as role models Promote school wellness A Case for Health Educators Lack of time Lack of money State standards for health education Engage students Health ties to academic performance

8 The Learning Connection Effects of poor nutrition:  Compromised cognitive development  Difficulty concentrating  Lower standardized test scores  Irritability and behavior problems  More illness, more absence Bottom line:  When children’s basic nutritional and fitness needs are met, higher achievement levels result Visit to read executive

9 Nutrition Expeditions (Grades 2 & 4) Story-based lessons  10 lessons for Little D’s  8 lessons for Arianna’s Four interactive games on CD Nutrition backgrounder Home connections Movement breaks Lesson modifications

10 Start Smart Eating and Reading For K-2 nd grade Nutrition, breakfast, reading program Available for free download at ODC website Format  5 lesson plan curriculum  Children’s stories  Worksheets  Songs  Food activities  Parent newsletters  Also available in Spanish

11 Exercise Your Options (Grades 6-8) 8 lesson curriculum for grades 6-8 Teaching kit includes:  Instructor guide  Student workbooks (find one in your packet)  Video vignettes for each lesson Lesson objectives mapped to National Health Education Standards  Beaverton School District  Centennial School District

12 Live It! Real Life Nutrition for Teens (9-12) Interactive Lessons Discusses nutrient- density – how to get the most nutrition out of calories Incorporates concepts from MyPlate & 2010 Dietary Guidelines

13 For Your Program… What is Normal? Poster Food Models Toss n’Tell Ball

14 More For Your Program…

15 WEBSITE: Free downloads Free materials for Fuel Up to Play 60 schools Materials for coaches & athletes Other dairy focused, lactose intolerance materials available

16 For Your School… Free school wellness program (K-12) Focus on healthy eating, physical activity, leadership Schools develop their own wellness plans & apply for grants to fund proposed ideas ($4,000) Learn more at Contact Cara Seger,

17 Produced twice yearly  Fall and spring Current and past issues at under “Free Downloads” School Wellness Newsletter For Teachers, Parents, Students, etc…

18 Questions?

19 Thank You! Crista Hawkins, RD, LD 503.229.5033

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