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Computerized Maintenance Management Solutions (CMMS)

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1 Computerized Maintenance Management Solutions (CMMS)
Gabi Miles Hach Company May 22, 2009

2 Hach Integrated Information Management Waste Water, Drinking Water, Industrial Applications
Performance Price/ Operations & Business Information Operations Control Maintenance Information Laboratory Sample Information Hach Water Information Management SolutionTM Hach WIMSTM Range of products Enterprise, Professional, Deluxe, Standard, Single User Computerized Maintenance Management Systems Inventory and Asset Examples: Maximo, Hansen, Dataforum Laboratory Information Management Systems Designed for commercial and highly centralized laboratories Examples: ATL, Tribal Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) Hach LAB CalTM Sample Scheduling and Tracking Solution Affordable, Effective, Lab Data Management designed for sample scheduling workflow in water utility labs *requires WIMS OnDemand SaaS Hach JOB Cal® Basic Hach JOB Cal® Plus Maintenance Scheduling and Tracking Solution Easy to set up.. Easy to learn.. Easy to use Examples: GE iFix (built-in interface) Wonderware, Foxboro, Rockwell Data from automated & manual sources in a central, secure repository providing easy regulatory & ad hoc reporting, analysis & monitoring WIMS SCADA CMMS LIMS Hach solutions

3 Why Have a Maintenance Strategy
Helps to manage your time Plan when you do jobs Keep a record of what you do Stay organized Improved system reliability Helps you save money! Reduce down time (fix before it breaks) Meet regulatory compliance Better inventory management Increase the residual value of your equipment Having a maintenance strategy, whether computerized or not, will help to save money and time by providing consistency and generally assuring that things stay under control. At minimum help with managing warranties – to prove you have done your part. Meeting regulatory compliance is in helping you save money as a worst case scenario – it can help you avoid fines by providing audit information on required equipment maintenance.

4 Maintenance System Options
Manage maintenance department manually Automate the management of the maintenance department Automate Asset Management and Maintenance There are a wide range of options. There are many factors that help to determine what will work best for you. Certainly the size of your facility, the amount of equipment that needs to be maintained, the liability that you would incur should something fail, the impact of unscheduled downtime, the impact of the loss of a piece of equipment without spares to backup strategies. The need for ease of use, IT strategies, and inventory levels, maintenance and business information required can all play a determining factor. Many solutions exist over the entire range and careful consideration is required to find the solution that fits. At the end of the day – any tool is only helpful if it is used.

5 Manual Method Pro: Con:
Uses spreadsheets, 3x5 cards, paper calendars to manage the maintenance schedule Pro: Very easy to implement Inexpensive Con: Reduces likelihood of implementing a rigorous maintenance schedule Potential unscheduled down time increases costs Paper work to manage – file, track, lose? Summary reports are very difficult to do Do Job 1 Go to site 3 This can be a very viable solution if thought and care are incorporated into the maintenance strategy. A little discipline and sticking to a defined process can go a long way to having a workable solution. Summary reports would require a big effort to go through all of your records to pull all of the information together – the likelihood that it will be done is slim.

6 Some Potential CMMS ROIs*
CMMS users gain productivity: ~28% Inventory reduction: ~18% Downtime reduction: ~20% Maintenance labor reduction: ~ 10% to 40% Energy cost savings: 5% to 10% Project Management efficiency increase: ~5% Increase equipment value for resale: ~10% to 20% *various studies While some ROIs come along with a well thought out and implemented manual strategy, most experts will say that the ROIS will increase when you add some level of automation into the mix. Primarily because of the likelihood of having a more robust strategy with a higher likelihood of follow through. Avoid failures, may be able to eliminate some inventory, revise maintenance schedules (example?), get PM baselines, defend lawsuits (safety, upsets, etc)

7 Asset & Maintenance Management
A computer program with a wide range of capabilities for an organization’s maintenance operations. Pro: A comprehensive tool with lots of features Ideal for finance and asset managers Con: Over 60% of implementations fail! Typically require big changes Costly ~ 50K+ to $4.5M Complex systems: garbage in – garbage out Jumping to the other end of the spectrum, I’d like to talk about the high end of CMMS. These fully featured solutions bring a lot to the table. Most combine the scheduling and maintenance activities with asset management activities. Asset management entails the management of the physical components from acquisition through disposal. Common business practices include request and approval process, procurement management, life cycle management, redeployment and disposal management. A key component is capturing the financial information about the hardware life cycle which aids the organization in making business decisions based on meaningful and measurable financial objectives. This adds a complete other dimension to any solution increasing the complexity Tampa Florida had a big, complex installation that wound up costing over 4M

8 Example: DATASTREAM Here is a typical screen from Datastream, the largest company in maintenance software. It has a lot of fields and many fields have linked tables. The advantage to this approach is the ability to do powerful queries which lends itself to complex reporting functions. This is probably overkill for the person who just wants to see what needs to be done and maintain some basic information about the operation.

9 Automate the Maintenance Department
A computerized maintenance management program for maintenance operations Pro: Simplicity of features focused on the maintenance department Easy to setup, learn and use Con: Not well suited for large organizations with complex needs Less is more! In many cases, all that is needed is the ability to get the job done. Complicated systems just get in the way.

10 Features of an Automated Solution
Designed for maintenance people Easy, cost effective maintenance scheduling solution Easy to use calendar Tracks details that matter to maintenance Provides instructions, equipment drawings and pictures. Stays with a familiar format and simple process Provides maintenance and business information Work order basics Inventory, vendors and purchasing Who did the work and how long did it take

11 It Should Work the Way You Do!
You put your jobs on a calendar. You check them off when they are done. You record the work in the equipment card file... At the end of the day it has to work for you. Does anyone here remember preventative maintenance before computers? There was a calendar on the wall with the major overhauls and PM’s... And a big crayon to cross them out when they were done. In a really good shop, they had an index card for each piece of equipment with a place for the date and to write down what was done. A computerized system should be that simple while providing an underlying capability to enhance your efficiency If done well – it worked in certain situations.

12 Interactive, Color-coded Calendar
A simple calendar easily manipulated Flexible scheduling of preventative work orders Track corrective work orders So what should this look like. An intuitive, color coded calendar is the easiest way to track . You should be able to just drag work orders to the correct day to make changes Schedule by days, meter, days/meter, # of starts 12

13 Generate Work Orders Incorporate graphics, detailed instructions, manuals Print for all or just for specific workers Add as many details as you need Use portables for accuracy and flexibility Work orders should be easily generated and distributed. You can print work orders, but you don’t have to. Many jobs are so simple, you don’t need to kill a tree. Just check on the screen and go do the work. Use portables , reduce data entry, reduce errors, increase data accuracy. For complicated jobs, you can print a work order complete with assignments, inventory, instructions and even CAD drawings. Details: inventory, costs, vendors, etc

14 Document Your Work Document what you need to: Who What Parts used
Parts cost Labor hours You should be able to easily capture the essential information you need but you can should be easily able to record anything you want for future reference. Labor, costs, inventory and any notes you want for the record. This information should be available in a historical database so you can have the data to run your organization they way you want to.

15 Generate Maintenance and Business Reports
Equipment History Top Ten List Open work orders Equipment list ??? You should be able to easily generate helpful reports based on the data you’ve captured. These reports will help you with regulatory compliance, warranty compliance and to help manage your resources.

16 Consider Ease of Set Up Flexibility Security Link to SCADA
Where many systems fall down is in the level of complexity– need to make sure the complexity fits your needs. Other considerations are the level of flexibility required, level of security for data storage and access, need for portability, automated links to SCADA systems or PLCs.

17 Key Probing Questions Describe your current maintenance solution?
How many pieces of equipment do you have to maintain? Do you have a regular maintenance schedule that you can easily manage? Can you easily generate work orders? Can you easily track and summarize the activities? If manual would a simple, easy to use, very visual solution help your efficiency A solution targeted specifically for maintenance that works the way the maintenance department works If using a big solution like Maximo Has the maintenance department been able to make it work Is it providing the type of functionality you need?

18 Request for a JOB Cal comes in
Ask quote questions to determine which version Contact Tech support opt 2 JC Basic/Plus Complex quote (interfaces, portables, custom reports) Simple quote (no interfaces, portables) Tech Support provides Statement of Work to complete quote Create Opportunity in SLX RSM as Opportunity Manager Generate quote with either standard offer or template

19 More Information General Information, videos, RSM lookup
Contact us directly: Contact your Hach Field Representative

20 Materials Web SLX Lori will combine/store
Data sheets, videos, ordering evals (not there yet), webinars, general information, QRGs (not there yet), list of standard interfaces SLX Standard offers, templates (eventually) Lori will combine/store QRGs Questions Presentation JOB Cal Eval - JOBCALPLUS-EVAL

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