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Business – VET Innovation in Northern Ireland Copenhagen 25 th April 2012 Michael Gould.

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1 Business – VET Innovation in Northern Ireland Copenhagen 25 th April 2012 Michael Gould

2 Overview Introduction The Northern Ireland Economy The Northern Ireland Policy Environment -Programme for Government -Northern Ireland Economic Strategy -Northern Ireland Skills Strategy -Examples of Innovation between business and the VET system Questions and Answers

3 Northern Ireland Constitutionally part of the UK; geographically part of island of Ireland Land area – 13,843 sq km Population 1.8 million; 60% under 40 years 50% participation in HE 14 Years on still a post conflict society? Industrial Heritage

4 Northern Ireland Economy GDP £28.2 bn/year - €34.1 bn Services 74% v. manufacturing 26%) Employment – 803,000 individuals Unemployment – 61,970 (6.8%) but LTE 27% Productivity Challenge (-24% below UK) Economic Strategy – “Rebalance and Rebuild” Priority Sectors

5 Northern Ireland Policy Environment Programme for Government Northern Ireland Economic Strategy ‘Success Through Skills – Transforming Futures’

6 The Northern Ireland Skills Strategy Supports economic development Qualifications used as proxy for skills Demand led – i.e. business/employer led Second regional skills strategy Developed through a “skills forecast”

7 Skills Strategy Policy Headlines To meet productivity and social inclusion goals, need to: -Encourage higher level skills -Up-skill the current workforce -Improve management and leadership skills -Reduce subject imbalances -Attract small amount of skilled labour Government, business, education and training sectors need to work together to deliver.

8 Innovations to Address Skills Issues Future Skills Action Groups Skills Solutions Service Assured Skills Programme Connected Fund

9 Future Skills Action Groups (FSAG) Purpose to identify skills issues and actions in a sector and deliver solutions over two year period FSAG is business led, with education, training and government actors in Group Focus is on action through Action Plan with three themes – skills provision; sector attractiveness; communications/stakeholder engagement FSAGs in ICT; Hospitality & Tourism; Financial Services; Food Processing; Engineering

10 Future Skills Action Group successthroughskills/future-skills-action-plan- financial-services.htm sectoral/hospitality-and-tourism-action-plan.htm

11 Skills Solutions Service Government intervention Team of trained skills brokers Work with SMEs to match skills needs with skills provision Three functions – Signposting; Bridge to Employment; Customised Training Successes in up-skilling the current workforce for employers VET are “providers of first choice”

12 Skills Solutions Successes

13 “Assured Skills” Government intervention to “assure” investor or expanding indigenous company the skills they need will be present Based on North Carolina model Very flexible model – high or low skills Early successes – 33 projects, 1100+ new jobs supported

14 Assured Skills – “Early Wins”

15 Connected Fund Collaboration between Business; HE and VET “One Stop Shop” for business to access knowledge and technology capital Whole process from problem definition through to solutions £1m per year €1.21m for 4 years

16 Critical Success Factors Employers must lead Openness and willingness of “partners” to work together Mutual benefits identified Apply resources – financial and human to address issues Action orientated – not rhetoric Responsibility “migrates” from government to business

17 Characteristics from Successful VET- Business Partnerships All recognise need for change All are flexible in approach and open to new ideas All are “curious” to solve problem All are prepared to resource All motivated to implement and review

18 Thank You For further information contact: Michael Gould

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