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Color Theory. Primary Colors What are the Primary Colors?

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1 Color Theory

2 Primary Colors What are the Primary Colors?

3 Primary Colors Red Yellow Blue

4 Primary Colors

5 Why are they called the Primary Colors? Primary Colors

6 Because They mix together to make all other colors on the color wheel. Primary Colors

7 Secondary Colors What are the secondary colors?

8 Secondary Colors Green Orange Violet (purple)

9 Secondary Colors How are They made?

10 You mix: Yellow + Blue= Green Red + Blue = Violet (purple) Red + Yellow =Orange Secondary Colors

11 What are the Tertiary colors? Tertiary Colors

12 Red-Orange Red-Violet Blue-Violet Blue-Green Yellow-Green yellow-orange

13 Tertiary Colors How are they Made?

14 Tertiary Colors By mixing: Red + Violet=red-violet Red + Orange=red-orange Blue + Violet=blue-Violet Blue + Green=blue-green Yellow + Green=Yellow-green Yellow + Orange=yellow-orange

15 Complementary Colors How Do you find the Color Complements?

16 Complementary Colors You pick any color on the wheel and the color on opposite ends of the color wheel should be the color.

17 Complementary Colors Red and Green Blue and Orange Yellow and Violet

18 Complementary Colors You can also find these combinations in nature.


20 Triadic Colors(Triads) What is a color Triad?

21 Triadic Colors(Triads) Any 3 colors with a balanced Triangular relationship. These are very colorful but have a sense of harmony when used together.

22 COLOR TRIADS Triad 1=Red, Yellow, Blue Triad 2=Violet, Orange, Green Triad 3=Red- orange,Blue-Violet, Yellow-Green Triad 4=Red-violet, Blue Green, Red- Orange


24 Analogous Colors What are analogous colors?

25 ANALOGOUS COLORS Analogous colors are sets of 3 or 5 neighboring colors on the color wheel. The set shares one common central color.

26 ANALOGOUS COLORS The example on the right shows a 3 color analogous set. The colors red-violet, and blue violet both share the color Violet.

27 Split-Complementary Split complements are made up of one color and the two colors next to the color’s complementary color.

28 Monochromatic Monochromatic: A color scheme that involves one hue, plus it’s various tints and shades ( one color combined with only black or white, varying in value).

29 Collage










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