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Six Pillars of Character

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1 Six Pillars of Character



4 A. Honesty = tell the truth
In health care we are expected to tell the truth – EVEN when it is hard to do. Be sincere. Say what you mean and mean what you say! Trust is earned over time but losing trust can happen quickly.

5 TRUSTWORTHINESS B. Promise Keeping = doing what you say you will
You will be reliable Screen clipping taken: 10/19/2009, 3:42 PM

6 C. Loyalty = you protect & support the interests of people who are important to you
Confidentiality – keeping private information private Not gossiping

7 D. Integrity – Being what you say you are.
Standing up for your beliefs (must be moral & legal) Acting on what you believe Doing the right thing no matter what you could lose in the process!

8 People of good character are people we can trust!
Screen clipping taken: 10/19/2009, 4:07 PM

9 Homework Assignment When Patients’ Records are Commodities for Sale
READ ARTICLE #1: When Patients’ Records are Commodities for Sale Case Study

10 2. RESPECT People of good character are respectful of others:
Right to be themselves Right to make decisions Right to have privacy and dignity


12 Homework Assignment READ ARTICLE #2:
Scientist Using Nazi Studies in Hypothermia Research Watch Video: Courage of One’s Conviction ~ 15 min.

13 Screen clipping taken: 10/19/2009, 4:31 PM

14 Ethical People deal with others under the following: 1
Ethical People deal with others under the following: 1. Principle of Autonomy

15 AUTONOMY Person’s right to make their own choices
Respectful people give others the information they need to make their own wise decisions about their lives.

16 Ethical people deal with others under the following principle: 2
Ethical people deal with others under the following principle: 2. Principle of Acceptance

17 ACCEPTANCE Ethical people accept individual differences without prejudice.

18 How can YOU strengthen your character ?
Be courteous and polite Be kind & appreciative Accept individual differences and don’t insist everyone be like you Consider people on their merit (NOT on race, religion, nationality, age, gender, physical or mental status or socioeconomic status)


20 What is Responsibility?
Doing your part Controlling your thoughts, emotions, and actions Doing your best Taking the blame when it is due Don’t take credit for other people’s work

21 What is Responsibility?
Thinking before you act and speak Thinking about how your actions affect others Being accountable Fixing your own mistakes

22 What is Responsibility?
Keep trying – even when it is difficult Being reliable – you can be counted on Acting as if someone you respect is always watching you Showing perseverance by demonstrating a commitment to finish what you start

23 Homework Assignment Read Article #3:
Two Researchers Accused of Swindling $10 Million Dollars Watch Video: “ If You Want a Girl Like Me” ~ 13 minutes

24 4. FAIRNESS Most difficult pillar of character to define clearly

25 Fairness is Often a matter of a person’s perception
When people see decisions that help them as “fair” and those that do not as “unfair” Use the same rules for everyone so no one has an unfair advantage

26 To Be Fair YOU can: Listen to others and try to understand what they are feeling and saying Consider all of the facts, including opposing views Use the same standards for everyone in the same situation Correct your mistakes

27 Homework Assignment Read Article #4 A or 4B:
African AZT Protocol Tests Our Standards Or Medicare Won’t Provide Seamless Coverage Video: “Critical Choice” ~ 12 minutes

28 5. CARING This is an ACTION, not just an emotion

29 * ability to think and care about someone besides yourself*
Caring health professionals help, give and are kind. It means to show our concern for others in an ACTIVE way. Genuine concern for others is a sign of maturity * ability to think and care about someone besides yourself*

30 Use of the “Golden Rule” – to do more good and less harm to others.
Doing kind acts feels very good!

31 Caring People: Show compassion and kindness to others
Live by the “Golden Rule” Think about what their decisions, works or actions will do to other people. Put concern for others into action.

32 Homework Assignment Read Article # 5 :
“Cities Dr. Calls for Humane Circumcision” Video: “A Chronic Problem” ~ 12 minutes

33 6. CITIZENSHIP IS: Understanding and doing things that make life better for yourself and other people.

34 CITIZENSHIP To make a difference you have to be involved.
It’s not just about doing the thing that “looks good” but means helping out. A citizen is a member of a family, a community, work, church, school , a nation and a world.

35 It means more than knowing how the government works: Means working to make your community, country and world a better place. Lots of working together is what builds community: each persons well-being depends on everyone in the community.

36 Practicing good citizenship:
Obey laws Volunteer Protect the environment Vote Respect other national symbols

37 Homework Assignment Read Article #6:
“Court Allows Doctor Aided Suicide”

38 How much do you know?

39 Which Pillar of Character is it?
Kind Giving Sharing Serving Helpful CARING!

40 Honest True Sincere Open Direct Reliable Loyal TRUSTWORTHINESS

41 Committed Competent Well-informed Diligent Leading by example Excellence Taking responsibility RESPONSIBILITY

42 Respectful of the privacy of others
Courteous Prompt Respectful of the privacy of others RESPECT

43 Law abiding Just Helps others Respects the democratic process CITIZENSHIP

44 Just Equal Open- minded Willing to admit mistake FAIRNESS

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