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Commandments for PowerPoint

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1 Commandments for PowerPoint

2 You should use the 7-by-7 rule.
No more than 7 lines on a slide No more than 7 words per line. No long sentences.

3 You should not use fonts smaller than 28-point.
Limit 3 fonts per presentation. Don’t use UPPERCASE. Sans serif fonts are best.

4 You should not use busy backgrounds or ineffective colors.
Use the same background throughout. Light fonts on a dark background are best for projection. Dark fonts on a light background are best for printed slides. 

5 You should not complicate slides with too many figures and tables.
If a large table needs to be part of a presentation, break it into chunks on several slides and focus on one aspect of it at a time.

6 You should use animation, audio, and pictures in moderation.
Use pictures and audio to enhance your message, instead of letting them become the message. Use one transition per slide.

7 You should acknowledge all references used.
When you use a quote, table, figure, or summarize someone else’s work, cite the source.

8 You should not read the slides word for word.
Use the slides as guides for a presentation.

9 You should use proper spelling and grammar.
Use Spell Check—Review>Proofing> Spelling

10 You should practice. PowerPoint is only a tool—one you need to use with poise and confidence.

11 You should allow the listener time to process the slides.
Don’t put up a slide and then skip over it—that’s very confusing. Always allow time for questions and encourage your audience to ask them.

12 Source:

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