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Unit 1 – Elements and Themes of Geography

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1 Unit 1 – Elements and Themes of Geography
Spring 2015

2 Geography: Defining the Discipline
What is geography? What topics do geographers study? What makes geography different from other disciplines?

3 Geography: Defining the Discipline
Geographia (Greek origins) Geo (earth) + graphein (to describe or write) To write or describe the surface of the earth The study of the spatial arrangement and association among elements on and/or in contact with the earth’s surface Explaining the “big picture”

4 Geography: Defining the Discipline
Three defining questions… What is located where? Why are things located where they are? What is the significance? What: Geographic reference base 2) Why: interaction between places near and far, understand the decision making or physical process, landscape modification, involves spatial analysis 3) Significance: population clusters and movement, disease transmission, environmental degradation, etc., disaster risk

5 What is Physical Geography?
Write 2 sentences about what YOU think physical geography is… You have 3 minutes

6 Geography The study of the physical and human landscapes of Earth and the interaction between the two Physical Geography – the study of Earth’s physical features Human (Cultural) Geography – the study of human activities and their relationship to the cultural and physical environments Geographers specialize on the interaction between humans and the Earth

7 Physical Environment Consists of physical features that occur naturally 4 Major Components Water Natural Vegetation Landforms and rocks Weather and Climate

8 Exploring Geography The world is usually described in spatial terms
Spatial relations- refer to the links that places and people have to one another because of their location You could use the terms- Absolute location Relative location

9 I. Absolute Location Absolute location - The exact spot at which the place is found on the globe To determine absolute location, geographers use imaginary lines around the earth What lines are they?

10 Imaginary Lines Equator – divides the earth into Northern and Southern hemispheres Prime Meridian – divides the earth into Eastern and Western hemispheres (Greenwich, England) Latitude – degrees north or south of the equator (0-90°) Latitude = around Longitude – degrees east or west of the Prime Meridian (0-180°) Longitude = over

11 Equator Prime Meridian In which hemispheres do you live?

12 Grid System Grid System - Used to identify absolute location of any place on Earth Measured in degrees and direction What lines are measured with degrees? How is direction measured?

13 Grid System

14 Compass Rose Activity Do you know how to tell direction?
In your notebook write down the saying you know in order to find out direction Do not share your answer with anyone Never Eat Soggy Waffles

15 World Map Activity Each person needs a blank world map
Locate the following – North Pole South Pole Equator Eastern Hemisphere Western Hemisphere Prime Meridian Northern Hemisphere Southern Hemisphere Tropic of Cancer Tropic of Capricorn Draw your Compass Rose and identify degrees

16 Turn in Homework

17 Grid System Activity You will have a partner
Latitude is measured 0-90° North or South Longitude is measured 0-180° West or East When plotting it goes latitude then longitude Ex: (5°N, 125°) Locate the following absolute locations (15°S, 60°W) – Point A (28°S, 125°E) – Point B (35°N, 130°E) – Point C


19 Determining Distance To determine distance add/subtract values N/S from each other and E/W from each other. Remember the Prime Meridian and the Equator. What is the distance in absolute location from each of the following points: Point A to Point B Point B to Point C Point C to Point A Point A to Point C

20 II. Relative Location Relative location - location of a place in relation to other places This is usually how we determine location Campbell High School is located about five miles from the Big Chicken. Identify 5 different places using relative location

21 III. Places Place – a particular space with physical and human meaning
Every place has its own unique characteristics, determined by the surrounding environment and the people who live there What is the most important place to you in the world and why?

22 IV. Regions Region – a group of places united by similar characteristics May be physical such as soil type, vegetation and climate Or by human factors such as language, religion, forms of government, etc Name 5 regions that you already know

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