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Giving Advice – Modal Verbs

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1 Giving Advice – Modal Verbs

2 Giving advice – vocabulary Can you match the heads and tails of these sentences?
1. I really think you should… a) … go to work if you have the flu. 2. If I were you… b) …I’d listen to your mother’s advice. 3. If you want to stop smoking you should… c) … a tie if you don’t want to. 4. You ought to study… d) …try to stop smoking. 5. You shouldn’t… e) …hard if you want to pass the exam. 6. You don’t have to wear… f) … a ring if you work in a factory. It could be dangerous. 7. You mustn’t wear.. g) … brush your teeth then they will go yellow and fall out. 8. If you don’t… h) …get some help from your doctor. 1d 2b 3h 4e 5a 6c 7f 8g

3 Advice Vocab 1. What’s the difference between ‘advice’ and ‘advise’?
Advice is a noun Advise is a verb He gave me some good advice. He advised her to stop smoking. 2. Can you explain the difference between ‘mustn’t’ and ‘don’t have to’ Mustn’t is very strong. Don’t have to is very weak. 3. What is the difference between ‘have to’ and ‘must’? Must is an obligation that comes from inside ‘you’. ‘Have to’ is an obligation that comes from outside.

4 Pre-Listening What advice would you give to someone who was going to get married? What advice would you give to someone who won a lot of money? Listen to man giving his brother some advice. What has happened to him?

5 Listen again and answer the questions
1. How much money did Uncle Tom leave? Half a million dollars. 2. What does mum say you should do? Put it in the bank. 3. What would dad have told you to do? Spend (blow) the whole lot. 4. What does your brother say you ‘must’ do with the money? Give some money to poor people. 5. Where did granddad keep all his money? In a suitcase under his bed. 6. What happened to the money? It was lost in a fire.

6 Talk about these advice questions with a partner.
Who was the last person who gave you some advice? How would you advise someone to stay healthy? What’s the best kind of computer, a laptop or a desktop? What advice would you give to someone who was going for a job interview? 5. Please give some advice, I’ve got an exam tomorrow! 6. If you could talk to the president or prime minister of your country, what advise would you give them? 7. What was the worst piece of advice you ever got?

7 Writing – Agony Aunt Dear Auntie Lynn,
I’ve been with my boyfriend for three years now. He asked me to marry him last week and I’m not sure what to say. I do love him but he doesn’t have good job. He works as a chef in a dirty restaurant and I really want to be rich. Please help me. Thanks Sarah Dear Auntie Lynn, Please help me. I lost my job as the manager of a big bank last month and I haven’t had the courage to tell my wife and family about it. My wife and two children spend a lot of money everyday and if they found out that they were poor they would be so upset. I hope I can find a job soon, but lately I have been pretending to go to work everyday. What should I do? Thanks James Answer one of these letters Use paragraphs Give two good pieces of advice Write 100 words

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