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Commit to Your New Market: Government Contracts Rich Delisio Kent Ohio Procurement Technical Assistance Center.

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1 Commit to Your New Market: Government Contracts Rich Delisio Kent Ohio Procurement Technical Assistance Center

2 The PTAC Network was started in 1985 by the Department of Defense to assist small businesses selling to the government. PTAC is a nationwide network. PTAC is a non-profit technical assistance program funded by the DoD, Ohio Department of Development and a 3 rd party host (KRBA). Services are provided at NO Clients Cost!

3 Why Should I do Govt. Sales? Solid Supplement to Your Business Government Pays Their Bills Opens New Markets Increases Visibility

4 Making the Decision What does the Government buy? –Practically EVERYTHING What is your core competency? –Define what you can do best Is your commercial market strong? Do you have adequate financial resources? Are you willing to make the investment?

5 Small Business Advantage Federal purchases > $3,000 < $100,000 reserved for small businesses Purchases < $3,000 classified as "micro- purchases" and can be made without obtaining competitive quotes Contracts > $550,000 (or $1,000,000 for construction of a public facility) large prime contractors and other-than-small subcontractors submit subcontracting plans

6 Step 1 ~ Research Know where you’re going –Who purchases your products/service? –NAICS codes: Resources (Opportunities/Match) –Federal Procurement Data System (FPDS) –DLA-BSM Internet Bid Board System –Federal Business Opportunities –Procurement Forecasts

7 Step 2 ~ Required Registrations Central Contractor Registration (CCR) – –DUNS Number – call 1-866-705-5711 –SBA Small Business Dynamic Database Capabilities Statement/Past Performance NAICS Codes Define your business Online Representations & Certifications –ORCA

8 Step 3 ~ Certifications Formal Certification –8a –Hub Zone Self Certification –Woman Owned –Small Business, SDB –SDVOSB Federal Contracting and Prime Subcontracting Goals 23% Small Business 5% 8a / SDB – Set Asides 5% Hub Zone – Set Asides 5% Woman Owned 3% SDVOSB – Set Asides capabilities statement here

9 3% aside goals (SDVOB) 7% goals for the VA MUST have –DD214 –Adjudication from VA –FCC (DAU Classes) Veteran Registrations

10 Step 4 ~ Procurement Methods Open Competition –Open to all vendors –Awarded to best offer Direct Purchase –CO selects vendor –Credit Card GSA Schedule –Pre-approval of product/service and price DoD E-Mall –Internet - based Electronic Mall

11 Finding Opportunities Federal Business Opportunities –Purchase $25k and over Buying Activity's Website –Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) –Tank-Automotive and Armaments Command (TACOM) –US Navy (NECO) –Ohio State Procurement + IUC-PG (Public Universities)

12 STATE Procurement Methods Know your contracts, (state of Ohio list) : RFQ – Request for Quote: Competitive Award based on quotes received CRP – Community Rehabilitation Program: Non-competitive award to a work center RFP – Request for Proposal: Competitive award based on meeting specific criteria, not always price, best value ITB – Invitation to Bid: Competitive Award generally based on lowest and most responsive and responsible bidder STS – State Term Schedule: Non-competitive award, these contracts are negotiated ONE – One time bid: Competitive award for a good or service that is needed once, renewal clause RA – Reverse Auction: Competitive award based on a reverse auction RAQ – Reverse Auction Qualification: Request for bidders to submit qualifications prior to a reverse auction MMA – Master Maintenance Agreement: Non-competitive award, these are maintenance type agreements that are negotiated

13 Step 5 ~ RFP Response Rules READ the solicitation Re-read the solicitation Understand exactly what is being requested Statement of Work (SOW) Quantity – unit of issue Packaging, RFID (Radio Frequency Identification), Delivery Have all specs, drawings, FAR’s, etc Master Solicitation for Online bidding sites Calculate price carefully – include all costs (packaging, overhead, etc) Read the solicitation Submit timely and properly

14 Marketing Every Step Create a Capability Statement (Competency) Company Background (Expertise) Products/Services offered Facility/Equipment (Quality Control) Current/Previous Customers Past Performance (References) CAGE, Corp Status,Certifications,etc

15 Marketing Every Step Research Agency or Prime’s website Small Business Liaison, Doing Business with Us, etc. Register as a vendor: Think Ohio 1 st / Oil & Gas Look for events –Vendor Days –Networking Opportunities –Match Maker Events

16 Matching Opportunities(Clothes,Cars,Music) Patience & Risk: building relationships, teaming, understanding public procurement, buying patterns and matching business/small business goals Informal ……….The elevator speech ! Build a Board of Resourceful Directors (active 7, blend, get you to opportunity) Contacts in Public Procurement! Design your first contract Be a problem solver Reputation/track record

17 SBA’s PCR Small Business Administration Procurement Center Representative Initiate/reserve small business set-asides Provide small business sources buying activities Counsel small firms. Advocate for breakout of items for full and open competition

18 PTAC Services PTAC provides assistance with the procurement process –Bid Matching (2000 sites) –Bid Preparation –Website Training –Certification Assistance –Registration Assistance –Ask, always free stuff available

19 ~ The Google Govt Website ~

20 ~ Contact ~ Northeast Ohio Procurement Technical Assistance Center Lakeland Community College 7700 Clocktower Drive Engineering Technology Building Room E222 Kirtland, OH 44094 Jane Stewart 440-525-7733 Belinda Sheridan 440-525-7739

21 ~ Rich Delisio Contact ~ Kent Ohio Procurement Technical Assistance Center (PTAC) 211 East Summit Street Kent, Ohio 44240 phone: (330) 474-3601 web e-mail:

22 Q & A

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