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Employment Workshop For international students 2014-2015.

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1 Employment Workshop For international students 2014-2015

2 Employability depends on your immigration status ----  What is your status?  (not – what is your visa)  NEVER work without immigration authorization – unauthorized employment can not be fixed in immigration  What is volunteering?

3 F-1s  On campus – up to 20 hours per week during the semester and full-time during breaks  Off campus due to severe economic hardship – after one academic year, doesn’t happen much any more *  Curricular Practical Training – after one academic year, must be for academic credit **  Special Student Relief – right now, only Syria  Employment with an International Organization – mostly in Washington, D.C.  Optional Practical Training and STEM * Available after 1 full academic year in program Usually available only after 1 full academic year in program

4 Non-SEVIS employment issues  Apply for Social Security Number  Complete an I-9 – proof of identity and proof of work permission  Taxes  Money withheld from every paycheck (some pay checks are $0!)  Amount depends on tax treaty  All international people must complete tax forms and mail to Internal Revenue Service by April 15 even if they did not make any money  Generally, students receive some of the money back that was previously withheld.

5 OPT and STEM – most common at UIS  12 months full-time per level of study  STEM – 17 months, once per lifetime  Job directly related to major and appropriate for level of study  Pre-OPT is subtracted from Post-OPT  STEM fields eligible for 17-month extension and must be with an eVerify employer  Work permission has specific start and end dates indicated on EAD card  Can not be unemployed more than 90 days during regular OPT and no more than 30 additional days during STEM  Must report address and employment information to UIS within 10 days (AR-11)

6 OPT/STEM application process  Read the OPT handout (and STEM handout)  -content/uploads/sites/95/2014/03/OPT-form- pdf.pdf -content/uploads/sites/95/2014/03/OPT-form- pdf.pdf  Attend an employment workshop  Prepare all documents  Advisor’s form  I-765  G-1145  Make an appointment with ISS – receive new I-20  Mail application within 30 days  Can apply before getting a job offer

7 Advisor’s Form  Student  Name, UIN, SEVIS ID, Major, expected graduation date  Requested beginning and ending date  Must be within the 60 days following graduation  Advisor, Department Chair, etc.  Certify the student’s information regarding major and graduation date  Name, signature, email, etc.

8 Determining what start date to request  Usual issues  Do you already have a job offer?  Monday, 1 st or 15 th of the month  Must be between graduation day and 60 days later  Won’t get EAD card until at least 90 days after application is mailed  And can’t begin working until you have the card

9 Post Completion OPT Timeline 150 day application time 60 days after graduation – start date on card ~~Actual work start date~~~~~~~~~~~ - No more than 90 days unemployment after start date on card 90 days beforeGraduation60 days after graduation dategraduation

10 G-1145 – e-Notification of Application/Petition Acceptance  Name  Email address  Telephone number

11 I-765 – Application for Employment Authorization – Type this!!!!!!!!!!!  Permission to accept employment  1. Name (family name in CAPS) (First) (Middle)  2. Other names  3. U.S. Mailing Address – sometimes changes SEVIS address, must be where you plan to be living in 90 days, some people use our office, use correct zip code!  4. Country of Citizenship/Nationality  5. Place of Birth  6. Date of Birth7. Gender  8. Marital Status  9. Social Security Number – if you have one  10. Alien Registration Number or I-94 Number  11. Have you ever before applied for employment authorization from USCIS?

12 I-765 continued  11 continued – which USCIS office, dates and results  12. Date of last entry to the U.S.  13. Place of last entry to the U.S.  14. Status of Last Entry  15. Current Immigration Status  16. Eligibility Category: pre(c)(3)(A), post(c)(3)(B), STEM (c)(3)(C)  17. required information for STEM  Degree  Employer’s name in E-Verify system  E-Verify number  Signature, telephone number and date

13 Application materials & order  Check for $380 made out to Dept. of Homeland Security  Two recent photos with name and I-94 written on back (not more than 1 month ago)  G-1145  I-765  Copy of new I-20 from ISS office requesting OPT dates – make sure you have signed the bottom on the first page  Copy of previous I-20, passport, visa and I-94

14 Address to mail application depends on where you live  Read our handout for specific information or check online at  Regular mail to PO Boxes in Phoenix, AZ or Dallas, TX  Express mail to physical addresses in Phoenix, AZ or Lewisville, TX

15 Application Timeline - OPT  Eligible to apply from 90 before graduation up to 60 days after graduation  Must mail application within 30 days of new I-20 being generated with requested OPT dates  Students will receive a receipt notice by email, text or regular mail indicating their receipt number  Students can track progress of their petition with the receipt number  Processing of EADs usually takes 90 days  Can not begin employment until card is received and the start date on the card has arrived

16 Differences for STEM application  Eligible to apply up to 120 before end of OPT  Application must include evidence of degree completion  Application must include evidence that first 12 months of OPT were conducted appropriately – directly related to major, appropriate for level of study, no more than 90 days of unemployment  This means include copies of job offer letters, pay stubs, etc.  Can extend I-9 with EAD – or for 180 days with receipt notice

17 Additional OPT Issues  Employment Reports within 10 days  Your name and physical address – AR-11 and UIS  Job title and start date  Company name and address  Supervisor’s name and contact information  Requesting a STEM extension I-20 – email and employer report  L-1s and jobs outside the U.S.  Cap Gap and H-1s  Travel before, during and after OPT/STEM

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