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Throat Cancer Nicholas Ivon.

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1 Throat Cancer Nicholas Ivon

2 Types Of Throat Cancer Laryngeal cancer refers to cancer that forms in the larynx, also known as the voice box. Pharyngeal cancer is broken into three types: Nasopharynx cancer forms in the upper part of the throat. Oropharynx cancer forms in the middle part of the throat. Hypopharynx cancer forms in the bottom part of the throat. Every throat cancer patient is different. The cancer experts at CancerTreatment Centers of America (CTCA) have extensive experience in properly staging and diagnosing the disease, and developing a treatment plan that's tailored to your specific type of throat cancer. Throat cancer includes several different cancers under the head and neck umbrella. Laryngeal cancer and pharyngeal cancer are two of the most common types of throat cancer.Pharyngeal cancer is broken into three types: Nasopharynx cancer forms in the upper part of the throat. Oropharynx cancer forms in the middle part of the throat. Hypopharynx cancer forms in the bottom part of the throat. Laryngeal cancer refers to cancer that forms in the larynx, also known as the voice box.

3 Causes of This Cancer Smoking Heavy Drinking
Eating before going to sleep. Talking a lot Not Drinking enough water How this cancer starts is that it begins in cells, the building blocks that make up tissues. Those tissues make up the larynx and other organs of the body. Benign tumors are usually not a threat t o life and they can normally be treated and removed without growing back. Malignant growth can be a threat to life usually can be treated but there is a good chance of them growing back. Can spread to other parts other body. the reason all these things happen to you are because you smoking tobacco you’re a heavy drinker eating before you got to sleep and you don’t have your not drinking enough water. I want to explain how eating before going to sleep causes this is because when you eat something before you go to sleep your body is digesting it and when you lay down all the acid that is breaking down that food is slowly moving closer to your neck and it slowly corrodes your larynx.

4 Symptoms Hoarseness or other change in the voice.
Difficulty swallowing or the feeling that something is caught in the throat. Persistent sore Throat Breathing problems. Unexplained weight loss Lumps in the Neck The symptoms of this cancer depend mainly on how big the tumor is and the location of the tumor A hoarse voice or other voice changes for more than 3 weeks. A sore throat or trouble swallowing for more than 6 weeks these are symptoms of throat cancer. When you have breathing problems it is the same feeling as if you were to swallow something just for breathing because all your nerves and lymph nodes are so touchy that it hurts your throat to just breath. Unexplained weight loss can be from 10 pounds up to 50 pounds just because it is so hard for you to eat something. Generally what they do to have you eat is ice cream, yogurt, pudding anything that is soft and can travel down someone's throat easy. You can get lumps in your neck which is from your lymph nodes getting swollen causing little cists to pop out of your neck.

5 Treatment Radiation Therapy Surgery Medicine Chemotherapy
Rehabilitation How this disease is treated . Small superficial cancers without laryngeal fixation or lymph node involvement are successfully treated by radiation therapy or surgery alone including laser excision surgery. Radiation therapy uses high-energy x-rays to kill cancer cells, thereby shrinking the cancer growth. The objective of radiation therapy is to maximize the probability of cure with a minimum of side effects. Radiation therapy is considered a local treatment because only the cancer cells in the area of the body where the radiation is delivered are killed. If cancer exists outside the radiation field, those cancer cells are not affected by the radiation. Radiation therapy is used alone or in combination with surgery and chemotherapy for the treatment of head and neck cancers. Therefore, it is important for patients with cancers of the head and neck to be treated by physicians at a specialty medical center who are part of a multidisciplinary team.

6 Personal Experience My Mom was diagnosed with this cancer in 6/8/14.
She was diagnosed with laryngeal cancer. She had to go in for 3 to 4 months every day to get a radiation treatment for her throat. Was very lucky actually because if she would have waited longer they could have been a high chance of death. I had a personal experience with this cancer. My mom was diagnosed with this cancer. She was told she had this about 8 months ago. When she told me about it she said there was a tumor growing on the side of her larynx. So as I got a little bit information on it she said that for about 3 months she needed to go to the hospital and get radiation treatment. The picture I have here is the machine that they use to get the tumor inside smaller so they could remove it. Also during her 3 months of her treatment she had a sore throat for about 3 months straight which is pretty crazy. The reason she got this cancer was because she was a heavy smoker. After they had removed the tumor from her throat all she could eat was pudding or jello. Just because it was one of the few things that could pass through your throat easily.

7 Always drink lots of fluids
Remember Don't be a smoker Always drink lots of fluids If you notice things happening to voice for longer than a week got o the doctors and get it a check up. Fully understanding this disease that it is rare to get and if you think you have a chance of getting this disease there is a very low chance you will if you don’t smoke or are a heavy drinker. Your diet is also important because if your not drinking your recommended amount of water each day that causes your throat to be dry and lots of proteins help as well. If you notice a difference in your voice for more than week I recommended that you got to the doctors to get a check up. Because m mom was actually lucky because she had a raspy voice for a long time and she randomly went and got a checkup and that she was told she had a tumor in her throat. Sine she was lucky it was able to be cured but if she would've waited another month there could've been a high chance of death. So make sure that your drinking lots of water and try to exercise some more and stop smoking cigarettes cause that is the biggest reason people are diagnosed with this cancer.,

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