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Institute of Social Control

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1 Institute of Social Control
Summarize how the criminal justice system responds to crime

2 Define the terms worksheet

3 Criminal Justice System
50,000- Agencies/National/State/Local Criminal Justice System works under Jurisdiction Jurisdiction- politically defined geographical area

4 Response to Criminal Justice
Police-usually called when reported or discovered Witness statements, crime scene evidence sufficient enough to close case Successful Investigation=arrest- detaining or seizing a person by lawful authority Booking- administrative recording of arrest (Name, charge, fingerprints)

5 Response to Criminal Justice
Courts- prosecutor will decide whether or not they have a case Charging Documents Complaint- offense is committed by a person or described Misdemeanor- light charge- year or less Ordinance Violation- violation in city or town Information- outlines evidence of charges Felony- 12 months or more Arrest Warrant- written order for police arrest

6 Response to Criminal Justice
Pretrial Defendant- person accused Initial Appearance- told charges and rights Summary trial- immediate trial usually for a misdeamenor Bail- monetary guarantee that suspect will show up for court Preliminary Hearing- pretrial of a felony- Judge decides if their is probable cause

7 Response to Criminal Justice
Pretrial Grand Jury- group of citizens that investigate charges at the preliminary hearing Arraignment- hear infor or indict and allow plea Plea Bargain- agree to plea guilty and agree upon charges Trial- Bench Trial- trial with judge no jury Corrections- Presentence Investigation- help judge decide sentence-(fine, probation, prision, death)

8 Response to Criminal Justice
Appeal Legal Grounds- defect jury, admission of evidence Const. Grounds- illegal search and seizures, improper warrant Remand- return case to trial Affirm- let stand Parole- release from prison without full sentence served, decision made by the parole board

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