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Classification of Numbers

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1 Classification of Numbers
Any number that is found on the Real Number Line is Called a Real Number represented by A real number runs from negative infinity to positive Infinity

2 Natural Number Natural Numbers are {0,1,2,3,4,5,6, .....} No decimals
No Negatives Zero is part of the natural numbers The Symbol for Natural Numbers is

3 Integers Integers are numbers like {-3,-2,-1,0,1,2,3}
They are both negative and positive Only Whole numbers No Decimals Zero is included The symbol for integers is

4 Rational Number Numbers that are Fractions or Repeating decimals
Like ½, 1/3 ,-2/3 , 4/6 ,-8/9, , etc Rational comes from Ratio , which means we are dealing with a numerator and denominator The numerator and denominator are both INTEGERS or (The denominator is never 0) The symbol for Rational Numbers is

5 Irrational Numbers A number with an INFINITE , NON REPEATING DECIMAL representation is irrational E.g = Are irrational numbers represented by

6 The real numbers (Exam Question)
Classify the following number Based on where they belong 3.146, 1/5, -1, 5, -3,0.33.. ,0.4, …

7 The real numbers (Exam Question)
3.1416 1/5 -1 5 -3 0.4 0.33..

8 Some questions Q: Are all Natural Numbers also Integers?
Ans: Yes the set of Natural Numbers is contained in the set of integers Q: Are all Integers also Natural Numbers? Ans: No ! For example -2 , etc are not Natural Numbers, but they are integers Q: Are all Integers also Rational Numbers? Ans: Yes the set of Integers is Contained in the set of Rational Numbers

9 Some questions Q: Are all irrational numbers also Real Numbers?
Ans: Yes, every number that exists on the real number line is a real number! Natural Numbers, Integers, Rational and Irrational Numbers are all Real Numbers.

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