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Project Management – The Project Charter

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1 Project Management – The Project Charter
February 27, 2009

2 Goals of this Presentation
Illustrate the Importance of creating and maintaining a Project Charter Review some of the Inputs and Tools & Techniques used to create a Project Charter Highlight some of the benefits from using a Project Charter and how these benefits can help reduce risks and pitfalls

3 Agenda Definition of a Project Charter PMI’s Definition - (PMBOK)
Key Statements about the Project Charter The Five Inputs for Developing a Project Charter PMI - (PMBOK) Tools and Techniques for Developing a Project Charter Typical Sections to be Included on a Project Charter Outputs of the Project Charter PMI – (PMBOK) Benefits of Utilizing and Maintaining a Project Charter Summary Questions

4 PMI’s Definition A Project Charter is the process of developing a document that formally authorizes a project or a phase and documenting initial requirements that satisfy the stakeholders’ needs and expectations. It establishes a partnership between the performing organization and the client. The approved Project Charter formally initiates the project.

5 Key Statements Writing, maintaining, and using an effective Project Charter is one of a project manager’s most important jobs. When properly used, a Project Charter will be the single most important tool the project manager/lead utilizes for managing the expectations of the project sponsor and all other stakeholders. The Project Charter is used to set the project direction and defines the measures of success. The Project Charter provides a consolidated and summary-level overview of the project. It allows all stakeholders to agree and document project scope, objectives, timeframe, and deliverables. A Project Charter is created at the beginning of a project, approved by the stakeholders, and signed off before work can begin. Every BIM project should have a Project Charter created and maintained. There is no official project without an approved Project charter

6 Five Inputs for Developing a Project Charter
Project Statement of Work Business Need and Product Scope Definition This is our “Project Brief” document Business Case Contract Enterprise Environmental Factors Organizational Process Assets

7 Tools and Techniques for Developing a Project Charter
Expert Judgment is the most frequently used tool and technique used to develop the Project Charter. Such expertise is usually provided by any group or individual with specialized knowledge of the product or project deliverable. Some types of expertise are as follows; Other Units within the Organization – SME’s Stakeholders and Sponsors Consultants PMO – Project Management Office (BIM)

8 Typical Sections on a Project Charter
Project Goal/s - x Scope Statement - x Deliverables - x Key Stakeholders - x Assumptions - x Constraints - x Initial Risks - x Schedule Estimates Cost Estimates - x Success Criteria “Signatures” - x

9 Outputs of the Project Charter
Project Purpose or Justification Measurable Project Objectives High-level Requirements High-level Project Description High-level Risks Summary Milestone Schedule Summary Budget

10 Benefits of Using a Project Charter
Stakeholders are clearly defined Communication channels are defined Roles and Responsibilities are outlined Scope is Defined – Helps prevent “Scope Creep” Improved Project Management Processes in later Phases Increased Probability of project Success “BUY IN” from Project Team Members

11 Summary A Project Charter officially initiates a Project
Project Charters are a High-level view of the Project objectives, deliverables, and scope Project Charters are living documents and need to be updated as the Project moves forward There are standard inputs and tools & techniques for building a Project Charter. One size does not fit all A well managed Project Charter will be the single most important tool for a PM/PL to manage Project expectations

12 Questions?

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