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PBIS Assessments NWPBIS Conference March 9, 2010 Katie Conley Celeste Rossetto Dickey University of Oregon.

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1 PBIS Assessments NWPBIS Conference March 9, 2010 Katie Conley Celeste Rossetto Dickey University of Oregon

2 Presentation Overview Introduction PBS Surveys PBIS Assessment PBIS Eval Questions

3 PBIS Assessment PBS Surveys Updates

4 PBS Surveys TIC 3.0 ◦Classroom Self Assessment School Information Guide Respondent Cheatsheet Troubleshooting Coordinator Manual

5 Team Implementation Checklist Version 3.0

6 TIC 3.0 – What’s new? Self Assessment (items 6 & 8): – Recommended assessment tools now include Team Checklist and Benchmark of Quality. – Reworded to encourage use of data during Action Planning.

7 …continued TIC 3.0 – What’s new? Classroom Behavior Support System (items 15-17) ◦Three new questions designed to include the classroom setting in the school wide planning.

8 …continued TIC 3.0 – What’s new? Establish Information System (items 18-19) – Reporting specified to include whole faculty. – Additional question added regarding data needed for decision-making.

9 …continued TIC 3.0 – What’s new? Build Capacity for Function-Based Support (items 21 & 22) – These questions provide greater detail on the needs of the school to support tier 3 students.

10 New PBS Surveys Materials

11 School Information Guide Two-page information sheet containing: ◦Overview of PBS Surveys application ◦Basic access and login procedures ◦Information about available survey instruments ◦Space available for coordinator’s contact information.

12 Respondent Cheat Sheet Back-to-Back instructions for completing (multi-respondent) surveys. ◦Side 1: Self Assessment Survey ◦Side 2: School Safety Survey ◦Instructions contain detailed steps and screen shots of the data entry process. ◦Space provided for school name and account ID as well as coordinator contact information.

13 Troubleshooting PBS Surveys

14 Frequently Asked Questions Survey windows: ◦The survey window can be updated as long as edits are made BEFORE the window closes. ◦Examples:  Everyone at Demo School Exemplar has completed the School Safety but they can’t view reports but the survey closes next week.  Demo School Challenged needs one more week to get the rest of the staff responses. The survey closed yesterday.  Several faculty members at Test School 1 forgot to enter data and the window closes tomorrow.

15 Adding a School: ◦What is your current “scope” access? (school, district, or state?) ◦Check the “Add School” feature in Account Management? ◦Complete “School Information Form” (page 37 of the PBS Surveys User Manual) and return to PBS Surveys account manager.

16 Where are my Self-Assessment reports? ◦Check the close date. ◦The data will be merged at midnight and available the next morning.

17 PBIS Assessment New website to be launched in Summer, 2010

18 PBIS Assessment Overview of the website Action Planning Individual Surveys/Checklists Evaluation Planning Template

19 Design of the Website Home Page Surveys Tab Evaluation Plan Tab Action Planning Tab

20 Website PBIS Assessment Login Home Support & Training About Surveys & Checklists  About Us/Contact  Login/ Demo  Purpose  Process  How to Access  Survey Information  Link to version/ history  Action Planning  Evaluation Blueprint  Start-up wizard  Help topics  Resources/ Links  Videos  Coordinator search  Contact info.

21 Surveys/ Checklists Action Plan Reports Support/ Training Manage Login/ Authentication Account Home My coordinator Application

22 Research Tool Annual Assessment Tool Progress Monitoring Tool Universal System System-wide Evaluation Tool (SET) Benchmarks of Quality (BoQ) PBS Self Assessment Survey (SAS) Team Implementation Checklist (TIC 3.0) Secondary & Tertiary Systems Individual Student Systems Evaluation Tool (ISSET) Benchmarks of Advanced Tiers (BAT) PBS Self Assessment Survey (SAS) (MATT) Monitoring Advanced Tiers Tool Outcome Measure: School Safety Survey

23 PBIS Assessment Information PBIS Assessment will take the place of PBS Surveys PBIS Assessment will include information on: ◦Developing an Evaluation Plan ◦Choosing Surveys/Checklists ◦Creating of a single Action plan from the Surveys/Checklists

24 PBIS Action Planning School-wide Action Planning form ◦Questions from TIC, BoQ, SET and/or SAS will be included Secondary and Tertiary (Tier 2/3) Action Planning form ◦Questions from ISSET, BAT and MATT will be included Action Planning Forms based on Research- based features

25 School-wide Action Planning Form

26 Secondary & Tertiary Action Planning Form

27 Evaluation Planning Template MeasureYear OneYear TwoYear Three FallWinterSpringSumFallWinterSpringSumFallWinterSpringSum SAS Survey Team Checklist (TIC) BoQ SET BAT MATT ISSET School Safety Survey

28 PBIS Assessments PBIS Evaluation Updates

29 What is PBIS Evaluation Site for Evaluators at the State or District Level Includes data from SWIS & PBS Surveys Schools are included in the reports if data sharing has been signed Cost: $1000 – State Access; $500 – District Access per year

30 PBIS Evaluation Requirements State or District Leadership Team 90 minute training on PBIS Evaluation Agreement by State or District to not show school level data without the school’s permission Signed license agreement Annual fee

31 PBIS Evaluation Process Signed License Agreement 90 Minute Teleconference Training Team decision about whether or not to purchase Invoice sent if decision is made to go forward

32 Site Demonstration PBIS Evaluation ◦

33 PBIS Evaluation Information Contact: ◦Rob Horner ◦Celeste Rossetto Dickey

34 PBIS Assessment Applications to assist with: ◦Are we doing what we said we would do? ◦PBS Surveys/PBIS Assessment:  Surveys/Checklists to assess fidelity of implementation ◦PBIS Evaluation  Combines student outcome data with fidelity of implementation data  Reporting/Evaluation purposes

35 Questions & Comments Contact Information: Katie Conley Celeste Rossetto Dickey

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