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Line & Shape Unit 1.

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1 Line & Shape Unit 1

2 Pencil Quiz Which is darker: 8B or 10H? Why?
What are the two different ways you can get varied value in a drawing? (dark, medium, and light) If pencil lead is not actually lead, what is it really made of? What was this materials primary use. What makes pencil lead soft or hard?

3 Artist’s pencils Thickness of lead…breakage 10H…HB or F …10B
Round vs. hexagonal

4 Terms Covered this Unit:
Line Horizontal Overlapping Contour Vertical Shape Geometric Medium Sketch Organic Subject

5 Line Line- the linear marks made with a pen or brush or the edge created when two shapes meet. Organic- irregular edges often found in nature. Geometric- perfect uniform measurements. Horizontal- a straight line parallel to the horizon line. Vertical- a straight line perpendicular to the horizon line.

6 Draw 20 different lines Line measures the distance between two points.
It compares directions. Like an arrow, it extends beyond its ends. Line creates feeling before shape, color…is added Line is expressive through: thick, thin, horizontal, vertical, zigzag, diagonal, curly, curved, spiral, and more

7 Frank Stella Medium- materials used to create the artwork
What is the medium of Jarama II? Subject- what the artists has chosen to paint, draw, or sculpt. What is the subject of Jarama II?

8 Artist Frank Stella is a racing fan
Artist Frank Stella is a racing fan. This metal relief painting, Jarama II, is named after an automobile racetrack outside Madrid, Spain. Here, Stella used winding, curving strips of metal painted in bright, dynamic colors to forcefully carry the motion and excitement of professional racing. Medium? Subject?

9 “The Importance of Line”
Theodore Gericault. “Frightened Horse” 1. What particular parts of the horse give you a feelings of movement? 2. What do the darker lines, such as those in the center of his body, emphasize?

10 Line Review Elements of art slideshow: Line from the National Gallery of Art activities/elements-of-art/line.html

11 Abstract Activity Select an activity you enjoy watching or participating in that involves movement. playing a sport, dancing, climbing a tree, biking, jumping rope, etc. List adjectives that describe both the activity and feelings they have while doing or viewing this activity. Write next to each adjective what type of line would reflect this activity best. watching a ballet may be soft, thin, wavy lines in pastel colors jumping rope may be thick, zigzag lines in bold hues. Create an abstract (No objects) line art piece in pencil that evokes the feeling of your activity. Fellow students guess what activity is depicted in posted images.

12 Shape Shape- A self-contained defined area of geometric or organic form. When lines cross each other, shapes are created. Contour- The outline of an object Sketch- A rough drawing capturing the most important features of a chosen subject and is usually used as a preliminary study. Overlapping- One object partially covers up another

13 Sketch Quick soft lines No erasing Find size of shapes first
Define wanted lines later 6 timed sketches (1 min each) 3 practice contour drawings with 2 overlapping objects each (10 min per drawing)

14 Contour Project Create a final drawing of 8 objects (some overlapping)
Remember the tips for sketching Use the large project paper Draw life size or bigger

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