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Addressing Selection Criteria And landing that dream job.

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1 Addressing Selection Criteria And landing that dream job

2 MY KEY MESSAGE Be PASSIONATE about the job process. Know who you are and what you want to achieve in your working life.

3 OVERVIEW Recruitment Process Job Applications Selection Criteria: What they are How to address them What next for you (and me)!

4 Recruitment Process Vacancy arise Permission to hire is granted PD is reviewed including selection criteria Job ad is placed – YOU become aware of the employer’s intentions Look closely at the words used and craft your application accordingly

5 Recruitment Process Candidates short-listed with reference to selection criteria and the whole application Interviews - (no more than 5 or 6) Referee checks Selection recommendation report written Successful candidate contacted and offered the job Non preferred candidates also contacted VERY COMPETITIVE – first impressions count

6 Job Application Consists of three components 1.Cover Letter 2.Resume or CV 3.Selection Criteria All of these need to be of high quality to get you to an interview

7 AN ACE COVER LETTER Apply for the right job! Only one page Avoid spelling mistakes and bad grammar and jargon Set it out as a formal letter e.g. address it to someone Lots of white space- be consistent with the font

8 AN ACE COVER LETTER The cover letter indicates your understanding of the job and the organisation Highlight the skills that are of RELEVANCE to the job Tone of the letter to be upbeat and optimistic – not the 17th cover letter you have churned out- Give a sense of you. Have a proper ending and thank the employer for considering your application

9 RESUME Layout not to be cluttered Pay attention to length – three pages tops Include achievements not only tasks Reorganise the order of tasks or remove some so they align more closely to the job you are applying for Order of referees


11 What are Key Selection Criteria? Standards by which your application will be measured to assess your suitability for the job Qualities Knowledge Skills Qualifications

12 Examples of Key Selection Criteria? Qualities Positive and resilient ; problem solver Knowledge Knowledge of collection management in a public library setting Skills Able to build effective working relationships Qualifications

13 SELECTION CRITERIA Embedded in the PD You must address them You must address all of them- No more than 200-250 words –shorter is better Focussed & clearly written

14 SELECTION CRITERIA Watch out for grammar and spelling errors Make them specific don’t pad out your examples Keep a copy of them for future applications

15 How to Address them Situation Task Action Result

16 HOW to address the CRITERIA Strong oral and written communication skills Situation –Task – Action - Result I have high level communication skills developed over many years as a branch librarian. In this role I was required to promote the library brand and the services on offer. I spoke frequently to external groups and individuals about library projects and strategic directions This enhanced the reputation of the library service to external agencies and lead to the establishment of valuable partnerships.

17 WHERE to Next? Applying for a job is a marketing exercise. BE pro-active and positive Know what you want and what’s on offer Look for opportunities to expand your skill set and networks Be careful and diligent when applying for a job – check and proof read your application – get others to help you


19 Questions? Email me: Follow me: @janets1721 Call me: 9518 3039

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