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Making Inferences Focus Lesson.

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1 Making Inferences Focus Lesson

2 Activation Strategy Demonstration: Determine how all the items displayed are related Look at items on under the document camera

3 Inferring Benchmark(s)/Standard(s): What is the next benchmark(s) on my course curriculum guide or Focus Lesson calendar? LA , LA , LA The student will determine explicit ideas and information in text, including main idea, supporting details, implied message and inferences, and chronological order of events.

4 Definition: Making inferences involves using personal experience/background knowledge/schema, along with the information in the text, to make assumptions about what is NOT written. Inferential thinking is often referred to as “reading between and beyond the lines.”

5 Interactive Word Wall:
Infer guess judging conclusion determined

6 Essential Questions to consider
What inferences can I draw based on evidence from the text? What role does background knowledge play in inferencing? How are observations and known information useful in making an inference? What words signal the reader to go beyond what is written to what is implied in the text? How do readers use text clues to make inferences?

7 How does making an inference help?
Writers often tell you more than they say directly in text. Can think deeper about text meaning Successful inferring leads to better overall comprehension. Clues can come from what was read or from your background knowledge. Have the most likely explanation – think logical

8 Inference Scenarios: Within a chart write your inference based on the scenario List text clues & background info Text Clues What is Known = Inference

9 Can you infer where I am? I hear a loud “thwack” as an object soars across the sky and the crowd roars with cheers!

10 Can you infer where I am and what I am doing?
I see bubbles rising. I hear my own breathing. There are fish swimming above me. I feel the seaweed swaying.

11 What can you infer from this statement?
Carl always carried his keys with him.

12 What can you infer about Danielle’s mother?
After Danielle broke her trophy, her mother turned and walked away without saying anything.

13 What can you infer about what has just happened?
I hear a loud “pop” outside as my TV screen with my favorite show just when black.

14 What can you infer from this expression?
“It’s both of us or nothing!”

15 Why is it so important? As readers:
Must reread and check the passage for misunderstanding or clues we missed While we’re reading we can think about deeper meanings of the text Will be able to better answer the questions that are asked of us

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