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Intro to Christianity EQ: What are some key beliefs of Christianity?

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1 Intro to Christianity EQ: What are some key beliefs of Christianity?

2 Vocabulary & Identifications Jesus: believed by Christians to be the son of God, founder of Christianity, born c. 4BC Gospels: written accounts of Jesus, in the New Testament (Holy Bible) Apostles: messengers for Jesus, followers (disciples) spreading Jesus’ word

3 Vocabulary & Identifications Paul: first he persecuted Jesus, then had a vision from/of Jesus and became a follower; he spreads the movement after Jesus’ death New Testament: 27 books in the Holy Bible, Jesus’ teachings and accounts Messiah: the savior sent from God

4 The Beginnings of Christianity Starts in Palestine with Jesus’ teachings c. 30CE Because of his teachings, Jesus is viewed to be dangerous by many people in the Roman world Jesus is arrested by the Romans & sentenced to death by crucifixion c. 29CE Jesus’ followers believe he rose from the dead & they worked to spread his teachings For many years, Romans persecuted Christians In 392CE, Christianity became the official religion of the Roman Empire

5 “The Sermon on the Mount” Painting by Carl Heinrich Bloch, 1890

6 Main Beliefs 1. Belief in one God  monotheistic 2. Jesus is the messiah  Christians believe he is the savior and the son of God 3. Sacred text:  The Bible – Old & New Testament

7 Main Beliefs 4. Ten Commandments  from Judaism, given to Moses by God 5. Jesus’ Teachings  the golden rule, “love your enemy”  “turn the other cheek” 6. Salvation  to be saved (to reach heaven after death) one must accept Jesus as the messiah & follow his teachings

8 Christian Practices Attend church regularly on Sundays, mass, led by a priest, pastor, or reverend Many choose not to eat meat on Fridays Spreading the word of Jesus (some branches more than others) Praying to God Celebrate holy days such as Christmas & Easter Have mercy & sympathy for the poor

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