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DCMS DEMO 1. Agenda 2 Inbound Processes Outbound Processes Security Manager Questions & Answers.

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2 Agenda 2 Inbound Processes Outbound Processes Security Manager Questions & Answers


4 4 Inbound Processes

5 DCMS Inbound Flow 5 ERP(Optional) Import ASN ASN Receipt Confirmation to ERP ASN Receipt Confirmation to ERP Stock Adjustment s to ERP at real time Stock Adjustment s to ERP at real time DCMS DCMS Live Reporting

6 Inbound Processes 6 Process 1: Receive stock in cartons  Scenario 1.1: Blind Receiving  Scenario 1.2: Receive against ASN Process 2: Guided Put-away

7 Scenario 1.1 DCMS open shipments screen 7

8 Scenario 1.1: Blind Receiving 8  Blind receiving: receives cartons for which we have no ASN.  User will need to enter SKU and pieces of each received carton.  DCMS will auto-generate shipment information.  Carton ticket are printed if needed  Stock adjustments are send to the ERP system.

9 Scenario 1.1 Screenshot 9

10 Scenario 1.2: Receiving Against ASN 10  The Carrier Paperwork contains shipment number, and expected cartons.  Multiple receivers will scan cartons as they are unloaded from the truck.  Some cartons will be sent to forward pick locations because they are immediately needed for picking.  Majority of the cartons will be staged for locating to storage area.  ASN receipt is send back to the ERP once complete shipment is processed.

11 Scenario 1.2 Receiving Dashboard 11

12 Scenario 1.2 Create Receiving Process 12

13 Scenario 1.2 Receive Carton 13

14 Process 2: Guided Put-away 14  You can pre-determine locations to locate inventory and system will guide locator to these locations.  Cross Dock- Locate to a staging area for quick cross dock.  Utilize empty locations- Simply locate to system suggested empty location.

15 Process 2 Put-away screenshots 15

16 Process 2 Put-away screenshots 16

17 Process 2 Put-away screenshots 17

18 Process 2 Put-away screenshots 18

19 19 Outbound Processes

20 20 Process 1: DCMS order management Process 2: Guided picking  2.1 Guided Piece Picking  It is a 3 step process where we create cart, pick items and validate the boxes.  DCMS ensures inventory is always available at pick locations by its continuous automatic replenishment process.  CreateMPC  Pitching  Validation  2.2 Guided Box Picking

21 Scheduling and dispatch 21 Process 3: Appointment /scheduling pickups Process 4: Guided Truck Loading Process 5: Shipping

22 DCMS System Flow outbound 22 ERP(Optional) Import Orders Shipment Confirmation Shipment Confirmation DCMS DCMS Live Reporting Replenishment

23 Process 1: Order management 23 Allows you to search and select orders to ship and allocate inventory to the orders. For this demo we will pick order of customer Walmart 23008.  Search orders of Walmart in Pick Wave screen.  Allocate inventory to these orders. Systems prefers to pick full cases. If full cases cannot be found then it asks pickers to perform piece picking.  We will demonstrate how DCMS performs full case picking (Box Picking) and how it performs piece picking.

24 Order management: Order Cancellation 24 If no stock is available to fulfill the order the order is rejected and a message is sent back to the ERP system.

25 Order management: Order Cancellation 25

26 Process 1 Screenshot 26

27 Process 1 Order for Walmart 27

28 Process 1 Screenshots contd. 28

29 Process 1 Screenshots contd. 29

30 Continuous Replenishment Process 30 Replenishment process of DCMS allows your forward pick locations to be replenished continuously so that pickers always have stock to fulfil the order. Accurately predict the inventory need and dynamically adjusts to handle fluctuating demand. Rich replenishment dashboard for managers to get the complete visibility and manually increase/decrease the priority.

31 Replenishment Screen 31

32 Replenishment Screenshots contd… 32

33 Replenishment Screenshots contd. 33

34 Scenario 2.1.1 Create pitch cart 34 Pitch cart is created for the wave selected by the expeditor and system assign the boxes to the cart. System makes sure that enough inventory is available at the respective aisles before creating a cart. Boxes are selected on the basis of best pitch path to make picker pick maximum pieces by visiting minimum aisles. List of boxes selected are displayed on the screen along with their weight, pieces and box position on cart. UCC and CCL labels are printed.

35 Piece Picking:- Scenario 2.1.1 Create pitch cart 35

36 Scenario 2.1.1 Create pitch cart 36

37 Guided Piece Picking 37 System guides the picker to the location where picker will scan the box and each item. The item is then added to the box till the cart is complete. Locations are visited taking into account the best pick path. If item not found at location, system marks the location for cycle counting so that subsequent picker are not directed to discrepant aisle.

38 Piece Picking screenshot 38

39 Piece Picking screenshot. 39

40 Piece Picking screenshot contd… 40

41 Picking:- 2.2 Guided Box Pick 41 Guided picking process of DCMS guides pickers to exact locations using hand held mobile computer to pick inventory. Picker affixes UCC and CCL labels to the carton and drops them at the QC station or conveyor belt. QC is performed and then cartons are moved to dock.

42 2.2 BoxPick Screenshots 42

43 2.2 BoxPick Screenshots 43

44 2.2 BoxPick Screenshots 44

45 Process 3: Appointment /Scheduling pickups 45 Appointments can be scheduled in DCMS with the carrier over phone, e-mail or fax. Reduces the risk of delays, lost productivity and chargebacks. Trucker is provided an appointment number which he can quote upon arrival in the warehouse/DC.

46 Process 3 Appointment Scheduling Screenshots 46

47 Process 3 Screenshots contd 47

48 Process 4: Guided Truck Loading 48 As trucker arrives to pick the shipment, he quotes appointment number and shipping department quickly loads the shipment on the truck using this appointment number.  Guided truck loading guides you to pick these pallets and ensures that correct pallets are loaded to truck.  Loaders enter the appointment number in ScanToTruck screen. ScanToTruck guides them to the exact location where pallet has been kept.

49 Process 4: Truck loading screenshot 49

50 Process 4: Screenshots contd 50

51 Process 4: Screenshots contd 51

52 Process 5: Shipping 52 1. Shipping is the last process in DC operations where the pallet loaded to the truck are ready to be dispatched. 2. Shipping manager prints Bill of Lading and marks the order as dispatched from DCMS. 3. All required shipping documents like bill of lading, international invoice, packing slips are automatically printed by system.

53 Process 5: Shipping Screenshots 53

54 Process 5: Screenshots contd 54

55 Process 15: Screenshots contd 55

56 Export information to ERP 56 1. Every inventory update like goods received, goods dispatch and current inventory picture is send to the ERP system at real time. 2. ERP processes this information for billing and accounting purposes.

57 Security management in DCMS 57 DCMS security manager restricts access to authorized users with respect to access to services, data and access to web applications. DCMS has role based access control. Roles can be created for various business operations. Each user can be assigned single or multiple roles depending upon the business requirement.

58 Security Management Screen Shot 58

59 Question and answers 59 All the queried and doubts are welcome!

60 Useful links 60 DCMS demo videos can be found at To know about main DCMS clients see To download brochures visit

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