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Voluntary Workforce Training Programs New Opportunities for Texas Students.

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2 Voluntary Workforce Training Programs New Opportunities for Texas Students

3 What are Voluntary Workforce Training Programs? Established in 1999 by Texas Legislature (HB2401) Intended to improve students’ work skills and help them prepare for postsecondary education Also intended to encourage closer cooperation between education and business on behalf of students

4 Similar to work-based learning Includes a postsecondary component May include a trust fund arrangement to help fund postsecondary education Employer agrees to provide paid employment for the participant during the junior and senior years of high school, and after the first year of postsecondary education Requires certification by the state Participants will be reflected in the AEIS system. Agreement may be dissolved at any time

5 Program Requirements Must integrate a secondary school academic curriculum with workplace training and a postsecondary curriculum Students will be placed in job internships and assigned a mentor by employer The employer/student arrangement is designed to continue into postsecondary educagtion and lead to an associate’s or bachelor’s degree

6 Program Requirements, continued Program must meet recognized or accepted industry standards Participants must be at least 16 Program must have sponsor (district, business, local workforce development board) Participants may not work more than 15 hours during the school week No student may be required to participate

7 Certification Process Two forms required: Application for Certified Voluntary Workforce Training Program Certified Program Agreement

8 Similar to work-based training agreement Agreement between student, school and business Modified to include elements required under the new law May include postsecondary agreement Retained by student, business and sponsor; not sent to TEA

9 Postsecondary Agreements The participant agrees to work for the employer for at least two years following postsecondary graduation Employer and participant establish a trust fund Participant agrees to pay half of their wages into the trust fund to be applied toward postsecondary education

10 Postsecondary Agreements, continued Employer agrees to contribute a matching amount to the trust fund Employer agrees to provide prevailing wage and other benefits Participant agrees to reimburse employer if he/she does not fulfill agreement to work for employer for two years following postsecondary graduation

11 Postsecondary Agreements, continued If the participant decides not to continue in the program before beginning postsecondary education, both student and employer are refunded their respective contributions plus interest earned Agreement may be modified through mutual consent at any time.

12 Application for Certified Voluntary Workforce Training Program Programs require one-time certification by TEA and TWC: One-page agreement between sponsor and employer, submitted to TEA Sponsors will be asked to identify student participants to TEA so that results can be reported through AEIS

13 Summary Similar to work-based training programs Require certification by state Require reporting of participants to state May include a postsecondary agreement for students to work for employer after graduation Postsecondary agreement includes a trust fund

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