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Chapter 4 Lesson 3 Jacob.

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1 Chapter 4 Lesson 3 Jacob

2 Read Genesis 24 How did Isaac meet his wife Rebekah?
Why was it important to marry within the family? It was important that they worship the same God. Was God involved in their courtship and marriage? Yes, and he will guide us, too.

3 Turn to page 32 in your textbook.
Read, “The covenant continues with Jacob.”

4 Accounts of the Life of Jacob
1. Promise by God that Jacob would rule: Genesis 25: 20-26 Did God have a plan for Jacob even before he was born? Does he have a plan for us, too? 2. Birthright: Genesis 25: 27-34 Why was it wrong for Esau to sell his birthright? Was it right for Jacob to take it?

5 Blessing: Genesis 27: 1-46 Was it wrong for Jacob to steal Esau’s blessing? Why did Isaac not have another? Jacob’s ladder: Genesis 28: 1-22 What does this passage teach us about angels?

6 Fooled in marriage: Genesis 29: 1-28
Why did God allow Jacob to be fooled into marrying Leah? How can we say that Leah is a model of the Old Covenant People, while Rachel is a model of the New Covenant People? God loved them both. Jacob’s wealth: Genesis 30: : 28 How did God provide for Jacob?

7 His return: Genesis 32: 1-24 How was Jacob able to reconcile with Esau? Why was this important? Jacob wrestles with an angel: Genesis 32: Why did Jacob have this wrestling match?

8 Jacob’s descendants: Genesis 35: 22-26
Explain how Jacob’s sons became the heads of the tribes of Israel.

9 Family Tree of the Patriarchs
Jacob’s Sons Ruben Simeon Levi Judah Zebulun Is’sachar Benjamin Naph’tali Asher Dan Gad Joseph

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