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How to Make a Podcast Deb Houts West Broward High School

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1 How to Make a Podcast Deb Houts West Broward High School

2 Today’s Timeline 8:00 – 9:00 Presentation –Background information 9:00 -10:00 Gathering Process Break 10:10 -11:30 Project Work 11:30-12:00 Lunch – on your own 12:00 – 1:30 Complete Project work 1:30- 2:30 Presentations of your work 2

3 Here’s What You Need! 3

4 What is Podcasting? 4 A podcast is a collection of individual audio and video episodes recorded and edited on a computer You do not need an iPod in order to make or download a podcast Let’s take a look at an example….

5 5

6 Why Should we use Podcasts? 6 vs.

7 Why Podcast? Different learning styles 24/7 classroom Using medium with which students are familiar Motivation Purpose Speaking skills Listening 7

8 What software? Powerpoint Keynote iMovie Windows Movie Maker Garageband Audacity MP3 Encoder 8

9 Why use Podcasting? Class Radio Show Presenting a Speech Making a Movie Community Podcast Classroom Showcase Show Learning Lesson Study Collaboration Projects 9

10 Other Ideas for the Classroom Virtual Field Trips Interviews Study Guides Student presentations Lab Reports 10

11 More examples…. 11

12 12

13 13

14 The Podcaster How to! 14 Several important things to consider Design & record your audio / video content Edit your files and save them to MP3 (audio) or MPEG4 (video) format They can listen to the podcast on their Computer, or download it to an MP3 player or iPod Upload the files and publish the feed Someone subscribes to your feed They open their feedreader

15 Practice Time! 15

16 Here’s the plan… You are going to create your own podcast. The purpose is ◦ 1. to tell us a little bit about yourself and ◦ 2. to prepare a mini lesson 16

17 Let’s take a look at the process xx/xx/200x 17 Step One: Identify your focus Tell us something interesting about you and prepare a mini lesson on your favorite topic. Step 2:Write your Script open Sticky Notes Select Note… Floating Window and Translucent Window type your script (i.e Hi, my name is _____________ I teach ____________________grade/subject at _________________school My favorite lesson is ______________________________ ) Step 3: Take a Picture (Use Photo Booth to take pictures) Click on red camera Button to Snap a photo of yourself You can experiment with the effects…just don’t spend too much time there! Take 2 or 3 photos, for your project. Photo Booth will count down…3…2…1. SNAP when taking the photo. There’s also a video section (click on the film strip icon) Have FUN!!!

18 xx/xx/200x 18 Step 4 : research and gather lesson information Use web searches to gather information, images, etc. for your lesson Step 5: Slide show (Keynote or PowerPoint) Keynote :Choose …a theme …slide transitions …Builds (different elements on your page) Insert photos and images Send to GarageBand Under file on Menu Bar: choose send to … GarageBand -Fixed timing Slide time = 6 seconds Builds = 4 seconds Name your Keynote (the computer will export your Keynote using Quicktime to GarageBand and open it in GarageBand for you) PowerPoint :Choose a theme Under file on Menu Bar: choose Page Setup Set Width to 10 inches and Height to 10 inches Insert photos and images Under file on Menu Bar: choose send to … iPhoto (the computer will save each slide as a separate image. You can open these images in GarageBand) More details available on website document “Creating Your Podcast/Video Production” see

19 Practice Time: Software Preparation GarageBand – audio recording software for Mac ◦ Keynote – presentation software for Mac ◦ PowerPoint – presentation software for Mac or PC ◦ iPhoto – organize and search your photos ◦ iMovie– create or edit a movie ◦ Audacity – cross-platform free audio recording & editing software ◦ LAME code – converting audio to MP3 format ◦ 19

20 You! Computer Microphone Camcorder (optional) Practice Time: Hardware Preparation 20

21 Practice Time: Let’s take a closer look at your tools PhotoBooth 21

22 GarageBand 22

23 iMovie 23

24 24

25 Questions? 25 Lets GO!

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