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Welcome to Dos Rios Kindergarten!. Colorado Parent Information and Resource Center a Program of Clayton Early Learning This publication.

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1 Welcome to Dos Rios Kindergarten!

2 Colorado Parent Information and Resource Center a Program of Clayton Early Learning This publication was produced in whole or in part with funds from the U.S. Department of Education office of Innovation and Improvement. Information and Resource Center program Grant # 84.310A. The content herein does not necessarily reflect the views of the Department of Education, any other agency of the U.S. government, or any source. Getting Ready for Kindergarten

3 Parent’s To-Do List Enroll child in the spring Immunization records Kindergarten teacher’s expectations School supply list

4 Play Fun Learning Games With Your Child Find the picture of the red beans on the can at the grocery store Think of 10 words that rhyme with “can” Start and organize a collection-rocks, cards, stickers Cook together and learn to measure ingredients Sort the socks, eating utensils, nuts and bolts, etc. Let your child tell you a story and write it for them Mark your calendar as you count down the days to Kindergarten Read to your child every day, talk about the story, and relate to your child’s own experiences Give your child oral directions to follow

5 Preparing Your Child For Kindergarten Socially Follow spoken directions and rules Use words to express feelings Speak clearly Leave their parents without too much difficulty for a long period of time Go to the bathroom alone Play well with and respect other children Resolve problems without needing a teacher Be able to tie shoes and zip and button all clothing

6 Preparing Your Child For Kindergarten Academically Hold a pencil/crayon/scissors correctly Work independently for at least 5 min. Sit and listen to a story for 10-15 min. Recognize, read and write their first name Write his/her name with a capital letter and the rest lowercase (Jason) Identify some capital and lowercase letters Identify and count numbers 1-10 Identify 8 basic colors ( green, yellow, blue, purple, black, brown, orange, red) Identify 4 basic shapes (square, circle, rectangle, triangle)

7 First Day Of Kindergarten

8 8 Set a Routine From the Start Provide a regular: wake up time breakfast time homework time bed time (7-8 p.m.) set out clothes and plan or make lunch the night before

9 Full Day Kindergarten Schedule Full Opening Writing/Handwriting Specials (Daily) Literacy Lunch and Recess Oral Language Math Recess Science/Social Studies Targeted Instruction Dismissal

10 Literacy Hear and identify sounds in a word Letter identification Letter sound recognition Book knowledge Retells stories and events Recognizes high use words Read words phonetically (sound out words)

11 Math Number recognition (1-20) Number writing (1-20) Counts out loud to 100 1 to 1 correspondence (to 32) Sorts (color, shape, size) More and Less Geometry (Shapes 2D and 3D) Graphs Measurement Number Sense

12 Writing Draws pictures Writes name correctly (first letter uppercase the rest lowercase) Write letters correctly Writes beginning sounds Writes beginning, middle and ending sounds Uses correct punctuation (periods and exclamation marks, etc. ) and mechanics Writes a simple sentence Writes multiple sentences Write a story with a beginning, middle and end Students will write words phonetically (i.e., bik, becuz).

13 Science and Social Studies Plants Trees Weather Senses Parts of the Body/ Dental health Fruits and Vegetables My Community Antarctica/ Arctic Holidays around the world Australia Social skills Careers

14 Specials Music Art Physical Education Library/Computer (Not Specials, but will attend regularly)

15 Testing Days August 2014 You will be called and a testing day will be set up. Sign up for a time for your child to be tested. Your child will be tested on letter identification/sounds, math concepts and district tests. The testing session takes about 1 hour. After testing is completed your child will be assigned to a kindergarten classroom. Lists will be posted on the front window.

16 Contact Info Dos Rios Elementary 2201 34th Street, Evans, CO 80620 Phone: 970-348-1300 Web Links: Colorado Parent Information & Resource Center Tips on how to help your child learn at home: Learning Activities: Transition Process for Parents: Is your child ready for Kindergarten: for-school_67232.bc for-school_67232.bc

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