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International Placements at Aston University: Sourcing international opportunities Carolina Salinas – International Placement Manager.

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1 International Placements at Aston University: Sourcing international opportunities Carolina Salinas – International Placement Manager

2 Today Internationalisation at Aston Facts and figures
Sourcing channels: external, internal and 3rd parties

3 Aston University: Employable Graduates, Exploitable Research
Founded in 1895, Aston is a long-established research-led University known for its strong links to industry, government and commerce “Aston turns out some of the most sought-after graduates in Britain, with 89% landing graduate-level jobs.” Sunday Times University Guide 2013 30% of outgoing placement students in 2013/14 are spending the third year working or studying overseas, across the 4 Schools: Engineering, Business, Health Sciences and Languages & Social Sciences

4 Students Placed Overseas
30% of all placed students are on placement overseas 65% English speaking Top locations: China USA Korea Australia Chile Spain France Germany Netherlands

5 International Placements
Student’s Choice! Study Placement Combination Work Placement Volunteering Teaching Degree Subjects & English Abroad The Year Abroad is YOUR placement so we want to make it flexible to suit your needs. Students have 3 different choices: study, work or volunteering. Depending on your degree you may be bale to do a combination of the 3. Students who decide to do a placement overseas will receive the support from the specialist International Placement Team who are solely dedicated to support international placements. Members from this team have done a Year Abroad themselves and speak fluently various languages.

6 Locations & Placement Types
BRAZIL Biomedical Assistant GERMANY Human Resources Intern Translation Management Intern HR Professional Education Intern SAUDI ARABIA IT Project Assistant Electrical Engineer CANADA IT Project Assistant NETHERLANDS I.T. Intern HR Intern Finance Intern USA Marketing Assistant Business Analyst Intern Chemical Engineer Intern SWITZERLAND Audit Intern Marketing and Communication Intern JAPAN English Teaching Assistant Belgium Project Assistant Resource Analyst Placement AUSTRALIA Psychology Research Assistant HUNGARY Legal Recruitment Assistant CYPRUS Accountancy Intern CHILE Event and Communication Tax and Assurance SPAIN Chemical Engineer Business Development Trainee Purchasing & Stock Control Agent Conversation Assistant FRANCE Language Assistant Communication Assistant Finance Assistant Marketing Assistant CHINA Education Advisor KENYA Biology Teaching Assistant SINGAPORE Financial Service Intern

7 Meet the International Placements Team
This is the Placements Team.. We are a team of professionals dedicated to support students before and during the placement Employer Team: business development and employer liaison International Placements Team: student support for students looking for and out on placement overseas Student Support Team: for all students searching for a placement and on placement in the UK. A dedicated International Placements Team offering support and guidance throughout the placement search and whilst on placement. Includes a dedicated Business Development Manager to source international opportunities to advertise to students.

8 Sourcing International Placements - Channels
External Channels: Repeat business UK Business contacts – branches abroad Online Job Boards ERASMUS network Internal Channels: Alumni contacts Academic contacts Opportunities found by students on previous years Agents or 3rd parties – occasionally: USA (VISAS) China - Placement Agencies Chamber Commerce offices Internal

9 Channels: Repeat Business
60% of employers they advertise in Aston Mature relationships Doing international placements for 30 years Keep working on those relationships Account management approach Phone contact and visits when possible

10 Channels: UK Business Contacts
Branches and contacts abroad Meet employers on campus Meet key Account Managers around University i.e. joined international research projects Particularly relevant when travelling abroad i.e. to conferences, students visits, etc

11 Channels: Online Job Boards
Search them regularly Register to receive alerts Recommend them to students It helps to speak languages for some of them

12 Channels: ERASMUS Network
Follow up alerts Exchange University Partners

13 Internal Channels: Alumni & Academic contacts, placements found by students
Alumni contacts Very important Have access to country lists Make the Alumni Office your best friends! Try to visit some contacts when you travel abroad Academic contacts Network internally Ask at meetings International research initiatives Placements found by students Contact employer directly Contact employer by student

14 3rd Party Channels Agents or 3rd parties – occasionally USA (J1 VISAS)
China Placement agencies Chamber Commerce offices Alert – reputation, fees charged to students! Small print and disclaimers

15 Final thoughts Team structure and dedicated resource – languages
Don’t be afraid to share employer contacts if you are not centralised placements team! Network with academics and other colleagues, always ask the question One World Week & World Awareness Week Student Societies Language Departments International Office Persevere, Business Development is a long-term game Social and professional media is powerful SME’s are equally good placement providers

16 Merci Obrigado Grazie Domo arigato Dziękuję
Questions GRACIAS THANK YOU Danke Tack Merci Obrigado Grazie Domo arigato Dziękuję

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