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2 Basic Computer Application O An application is another word for a program running on the computer. O Involves the user interface- the way the user tells the software what to do and how the computer displays information and options to the user.

3 Basic Computer Applications i. Word Processing ii. Desktop Publishing iii. Spreadsheet iv. Database v. Graphics vi. Presentations

4 Word Processing O The application that is used most often and most widely. O It has replaced the typewriter as the main way words are put on paper. O Documents can be revised and corrected before they are ever printed. O An existing document can be used as a template, or pattern, for a new one.

5 Word Processing O Purpose: To produce documents O Main advantage: Can easily change what has been done O Examples of word processing programs: O Microsoft Word O WordPerfect O Open Office Writer.

6 Word Processing

7 Desktop Publishing O Does on the computer what used to be done with scissors and glue and other non- computer methods - put together text and graphics for printing. O For professional publications, a desktop publishing program gives the precise control needed and also advanced capacities such as preparing four-color separations for commercial printing.

8 Desktop Publishing O Purpose:To prepare documents with graphics with precise control of the layout O Major Advantages: O Ability to place text and graphics precisely on page O Ability to chain sections together like newspaper columns O Advanced tools for professional work

9 Desktop Publishing O Examples: O Microsoft Publisher O Corel Ventura O Several Adobe products - PageMaker, FrameMaker, InDesign.

10 Desktop Publishing

11 Spreadsheet O A spreadsheet is the application of choice for most documents that organize numbers O A spreadsheet can perform simple or complex calculations on the numbers you enter in rows and columns.

12 Spreadsheet O Purpose: Organizing numbers O Major Advantages: O Can calculate for you using formulas O Auto-update of related numbers when data changes O Can display data in graphs and charts

13 Spreadsheet O Examples of spreadsheet programs: O MS Excel O Lotus 1-2-3 O Quattro Pro O Open Office Calc.

14 Spreadsheet

15 Database O A database is a collection of data that you want to manage, rearrange, and add to later. O Purpose: Managing data O Major Advantages: Can change way data is sorted and displayed

16 Database O Examples of databases: O MS Access O dBase O FoxPro O Paradox O Approach O Oracle O Open Office Base.

17 Database

18 Graphics O Graphics programs deal with pictures, either static or moving, flat or 3D. O Purpose: To create and edit images O Examples: O Adobe Photoshop O PaintShopPro

19 Videos O VLC O GOM Player O POT Player O Windows Media Player O Itunes

20 Presentation O A presentation program, also known as presentation graphics, links together a sequence of slides containing text and graphics. O A slide show might be used for a sales presentation or for training or to enhance any kind of speech.

21 Presentation O Examples of presentation software: O Microsoft PowerPoint O Corel Presentations O Lotus Freelance Graphics O Harvard Graphics O Open Office Impress


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