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What is Desktop Publishing? A Quick Introduction.

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1 What is Desktop Publishing? A Quick Introduction

2 What is It? Desktop Publishing is the preparation of complex documents. It is different than word processing. It is used to layout the design of documents that involve the interaction of text, graphics, photos and other elements.

3 Some Examples Brochures Newsletters Magazines Books Business Cards Flyers Advertisements

4 Some History Before Desktop Publishing –Copy (The writing) was sent out to a type house where the words were printed on high-quality paper in the correct size and font. –The back of these sheets of set type were then covered with a thin coat of wax.

5 Some History The set type was then cut up with an exacto knife and put into place by a Keyline Artist. Pictures and graphics were also resized and put into place. The finished work was then photographed and turned into a series of copper plates that were used for printing.

6 Some History In the early 1980’s software was developed for the desktop computer to allow Desktop Publishing. For the first time art directors had direct access to hundreds of different type fonts. Many jobs were changed forever due to this new technology.

7 Desktop Publishing The ability to do desktop publishing well is a highly prized skill. It’s a good thing to know how to do. It can help you in school and in the workplace. At Steel Valley we use it to produce our Yearbook.

8 Some Common Programs Ventura Publisher Adobe Pagemaker Adobe InDesign Microsoft Publisher

9 What’s Different than Word Processing? All of these programs give you a great deal of control. –Text Wrap –Leading –Line Spacing –Columns –All of these can be done in Word, but with no where near as much control.

10 Tuesday We will start our first assignment. –Because we can’t afford to license In- Design for this room, we will be using special features in…… Microsoft Word It actually has many Desktop Publishing functions, but with less control. It will give you the basic skills.

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