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Paleolithic Cave Art 35,000 BC – 14,000 BC

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1 Paleolithic and Neolithic Cave and Rock Art Paleolithic (Old Stone Age) Neolithic (New Stone Age)

2 Paleolithic Cave Art 35,000 BC – 14,000 BC
Southern Europe Chauvet , France Lascaux, France Les Tres Friers, France Altamira, Spain

3 Chauvet Cave, France 32,000 B.C.

4 Carbon 14 dating of charcoal and animal bones established age of Cave Art sites.
Paint made out of charcoal , rocks and minerals mixed with animal fat. Black made from charcoal or Black Hemalite White made from chalk. Yellow , red and brown made from Ocher

5 Shaman painted at Les Trois Friers Cave Art had a religious purpose.

6 Ice Age Southern Europe

7 Ice Age: 100,000 BC – 10,000 BC Ice Age (The earth was colder)

8 Muskox: Chauvet Cave

9 Horses: Chauvet cave

10 Cave Bear and Leopard Chauvet Cave

11 Cave Lions: Chauvet Cave

12 Wooly Rhino, Bison, Mammoth Chauvet Cave

13 Running Bison and Fighting Rhinos Chauvet Cave

14 Aurochs: Ancestor of all Cattle

15 Mammoth

16 Altamira, Spain 14,000 BC

17 Altamira: High Point of Cave Art
Highly Detailed Dramatic Action

18 “In 20,000 years, we have learned nothing!” Pablo Picasso

19 Saharan Rock Art 8,000 BC to 4,000 BC
The Saharan 8,000 BC The Saharan was a Steppe (Savannah) in the Ice Age. Saharan Desert AD

20 Neolithic Rock Art 8,000 BC- 2,000 BC People and domestic animals appear

21 Hippos: Tassili d’ Ajjer Saharan Desert

22 Elephant: Libya

23 Giraffes and Elephants Tassili d’ Ajjer

24 Herding Domestic Cattle Tassili d’ Ajjer

25 African villagers Tassili d’ Ajjer

26 Tassili d’ Ajjer: Villagers, Jellyfish, Domestic Goat, Man riding Camel

27 Cave of Swimmers, Egypt

28 Tassili d’ Ajjer: Herding Domestic Camels

29 Southern African Rock Art 25,000 BC - Present
The White Lady (2,000 BC) The Dancers

30 South Africa: Herd of Cattle

31 South Africa: Domestic Cattle

32 Aborigine Rock Art, Australia 30,000 BC - Present
Stencils People

33 Aborigine: Kangaroos Aborigine painted characters from their religion.
Early style: pre 4,000 BC X-Ray style 4,000 BC- Present

34 Long Necked Turtles

35 Aborigine: Modern Ships

36 Rainbow Snake Legend

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