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The Consumer and Sports Products

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1 The Consumer and Sports Products
Economic Impact of Sports Marketing 1

2 Chapter Objectives Define the sports consumer.
Explain market segmentation. Identify sports products. Explain the differences between sports goods and services. Differentiate between the product line and product mix. Explain the economic impact of sports marketing. 2

3 The Sports Consumer A purchase by the sports consumer, as a customer, is like a vote because the purchase equals a decision of approval. sports consumer: 3

4 The Sports Consumer The two categories that affect the sports consumer’s decision to spend money on or participate in sports are: Environmental factors Family, friends Society’s _______________ Cultural differences Climate and ___________ Marketing influences Individual factors Self-concept or self-image ____________ characteristics Learned characteristics Motivation and ____________ 4

5 Sports Consumers and Market Segmentation
Understanding market segmentation of the sports consumer market is important in order to sell products and services. market segmentation: Geographics Demographics Psychographics Product benefits Constantly ________ 5

6 Sports Products Sports products provide the consumer with satisfaction, entertainment, sociability, and achievement. sports products: People who share in the process of marketing sports products include owners, sponsors, communication firms, city governments, taxpayers, and consumers. 6

7 Types of Sports Products
The following sports products can be classified as goods or services, or both: tangible products: Sporting events Sports __________ Sports training Sporting goods Tangible products 7

8 Types of Sports Products
In contrast with sports products, sports services are intangible products. intangible products: Ten areas of service quality are: Tangibles _____________ Responsiveness Courtesy Credibility Security ____________ Communication Understanding 8

9 Types of Sports Products
Sports businesses or organizations that offer a variety of products classify their products by product line and product mix. product line: product mix: 9

10 Sports Products and Product Extensions
Sports products differ from typical consumer products because sports products have the ability to generate a ___________variety of product ________________. 10

11 How is a purchase by the sports consumer similar to a vote?
1. What are four characteristics needed to analyze the market segmentation of sports consumers? How is a purchase by the sports consumer similar to a vote? Define product mix. 2. Quick Check Answers geographics, demographics, psychographics, and product benefits The purchase equals a decision of approval by the consumer. It is the total assortment of products that a sports organization makes or sells. 3. 11

12 Economic Effects From the moment the consumer inquires about a ticket to a sporting event, there is an impact on the economy. The local economy improves as a result of money spent at sporting events. 12

13 Economic Effects Each decision the consumer makes involves an opportunity cost. opportunity cost: Infrastructure: As the economy grows, then more infrastructure is needed to support an athletic event. 13

14 $ Economic Impact of Sports Sporting Event ________ _________ Ticket
Agent Sporting Event Parking Garage City Pride ________ _________ Food and Merchandise Infrastructure Sanitation Taxes The Internet 14

15 “The Sunshine State” Orlando, Florida, is the home of an NBA sports franchise called the Orlando Magic. sports franchise: By selling Orlando Magic T-shirts, caps, and other items, investors were able to convince residents to make $100 deposits on season-ticket reservations. 15

16 Economic and Marketing Challenges
The economic and marketing challenges of the ______________ National Basketball Association are different than those of the National Basketball Association. Media _______________ of the WNBA is a major challenge, despite the fact that the WNBA attracts millions of spectators and viewers around the world. 16

17 Grassroots Marketing Efforts
To gain support, teams such as the Sparks are heavily involved in grassroots marketing. grassroots marketing: 17

18 Got Game—and More The Women’s National Basketball Association has come a long way in a few years since April ______ when it was first formed. Operating an e-tail business on an electronic channel—the Web—can be costly, due to design, delivery, returns, and operating expenses. Though Many larger dot-com companies crashed in the 1990’s, small stores like Harris Cyclery of West Newton, Massachusetts, actually increase sales using a basic Web site. Today, a third of Harris’s bicycle business rides in on the Web to get hard-to-find parts and personal service. Describe an e-business’s home page to your class after viewing one through By 2001, WNBA games had been seen by 60 million fans in 167 countries. Fostering this global audience, the Web site provides many services for its followers: draft notices, player information, news, statistics, standings, game schedules, highlights, a virtual box office, fantasy games, and even an e-tail store. For more information on sports and entertainment marketing, go to 18

19 What is opportunity cost? Give an example.
1. What is opportunity cost? Give an example. List six functions of an infrastructure of a community. Why is grassroots marketing an important part of sports marketing? 2. Quick Check Answers It is the loss of the opportunity that is passed up in order to receive something in exchange.  Examples will vary. power and water supplies, public transportation, telecommunications, roads, and schools The grassroots marketing concept helps build community support for a team and can benefit the local economy. 3. 19

20 Checking Concepts 1. Describe how a marketer views a sports consumer.
2. Name the four characteristics that need to be considered when analyzing the market segment of sports consumers. Checking Concepts Answers A sports consumer is a person who may play, officiate, watch, or listen to sports, or read, use, purchase and/or collect items related to sports. The sports consumer is the target of the sports marketer because the consumer as a customer makes purchases. geographics, demographics, psychographics, and product benefits continued 20

21 Checking Concepts 3. Describe what happens when the correct sport consumer is targeted by a sports-marketing plan. 4. Identify the sports product. Checking Concepts Answers Targeting the appropriate market maximizes sales; also, it will ultimately benefit the consumer, the athlete, the team, the owner, and the economy. The good, service, idea, or combination of those things related to sports that provides satisfaction to a consumer. In sports, services are produced by the players and consumed by the spectators simultaneously; there is no formal channel of distribution. Tangible goods must be produced by a manufacturer and sent to a retailer to sell to the consumer. 5. Explain how sports goods and sports services differ. continued 21

22 Checking Concepts 6. Compare a product line and product mix. 7.
Define grassroots marketing. Checking Concepts Answers A product line is a group of closely related products manufactured and/or sold by a company, while a product mix is the total assortment of products that a sports organization makes and/or sells. It is marketing on a local community level. The five dimensions of quality include: reliability—perform promised services; assurance—knowledge and courtesy of employees and their ability to convey trust and confidence; empathy—caring, individualized attention for customers; responsiveness—willingness to help customers and provide prompt service; and tangibles—appearance of equipment, materials, and venue. 8. Explain five dimensions of service quality and how they apply to a sports team. 22

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