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Turn Down the Heat: Exploring Thermal Insulation.

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1 Turn Down the Heat: Exploring Thermal Insulation


3 Objectives ★ Apply science and engineering practices to our professional learning and daily classroom instruction ★ Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate and Evaluate using inquiry ★ Determine effective use of materials to support inquiry science

4 Student Outcome Statements ★ Ask questions to discover how energy moves WHST.6-8.7 ★ Plan and carry out investigations to explore the movement of heat in a system WHST.- 8.2, MP.1 ★ Obtain, evaluate and communicate information WHST.6-8.4, SL.6

5 5E Model of Instruction ★ Engage-Evokes students curiosity and prior knowledge ★ Explore-Students explore ideas and questions through activities ★ Explain-Students analyze data and develop explanation ★ Extend-Students apply knowledge in new context ★ Evaluate-Students assess own learning in addition to teachers assessment

6 Human Development Activity

7 Asking Questions Q

8 Engage DrIving question for inquiry: ★ In what ways can thermal energy be transferred? Give practical examples ★ What kind of heat transfer keeps us warm in the winter? ★ Read Informationall text-Answer questions

9 Explore Plan and conduct experiment to answer inquiry question: ★ How do we design the experiment? ★ What data do we need to collect? ★ What are the variables ★ Which variables can you keep constant? ★ Make some predictions/hypothesize ★ What will be your control? ★ Record method and all ideas and data generated in your journal

10 Explain Explain and justify the choices you made during planning and investigation: ★ What role does the word of the day play in answering the inquiry question? ★ What is the answer to the inquiry question?

11 Elaborate/Extend ★ What have you learned from doing the experiment? ★ How can you apply this to your personal life? ★ How can you apply this to other real life situations?

12 Evaluate Assess scientific practices and core ideas: ★ Communicate your data using a graph ★ Write a scientific Explanation to show your understanding of the results using claim, evidence and reasoning

13 Reflections & Sharing ★ Connecting to the standards ★ Cookbook vs. Inquiry ★ Challenges and Successes ★ Classroom Practices

14 Group Planning & Exit Slip Meet in grade level teams: ★ Review Resources ★ Have conversations ★ Share a Plan ★ Please complete exit slip


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