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Services Tailored Around You® Business Contingency Planning Overview July 2013.

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1 Services Tailored Around You® Business Contingency Planning Overview July 2013

2 Business Contingency Plan Purpose Our Business Continuity Plan seeks to minimize the risk of disaster, outline the chain of command, outline the recovery process and include critical information required should a significant business interruption (“SBD”) occur. It is organized in sections that apply to the firm in general and to individual functional areas. 2

3 Business Contingency Plan Components  Top Level Management Commitment  Oversight by BCMC (Business Continuity Management Committee  Central Plan  Oversight and Control – Tied to Parent Company Structure  Employee Safety  Network and Communications Infrastructure (Changes are pending with migration from ViaWest Data Centers to DST Data Centers. The migration should be completed in 2013.)  Relocation and Return  Response Team Plans  Employee Communication  Operational Control 3

4 Business Contingency Plan Functional Responsibility 4

5 Business Contingency Plan Testing  Full test, including relocation to Alternate Facilities  Involves all business units  Assumes worst-case scenario  Includes majority of staff  Concludes with a review of test results and lessons learned  Point test  System restoration  Data Integrity  Call Tree  Table top tests  Discussion of steps required to recovery from disruption 5

6 Planning and Prevention Work group Recovery Facility  Work group recovery contract with a top-tier vendor >Provides workspace, phone, computer and data resources >Site flexibility (Denver, Scottsdale, Philadelphia) >Contract is reviewed and modified (if necessary) to meet the changing needs of our business and our clients 6

7 Planning and Prevention Data Centers  Primary Data Centers (2) >In the event of failure of one center, the remaining center could be capable of sustaining all operations of the company  Secondary Data Centers (3) >Maintained in remote offices and can be used for recovery of data or applications 7

8 Planning and Prevention Telecommunications  Separate voice circuits from multiple providers >Traffic can be re-routed between our providers >Re-route client traffic to a remote facility that can be accessed by personnel wherever there is telephone service  Internet connectivity from multiple providers across multiple paths  Dedicated circuits required for data transfer are maintained in multiple locations to insure continued service 8

9 Planning and Prevention Data Protection  Critical data replicated between data centers  Intra-day snapshots of data are taken for quick file recovery  End-of-day backups of data are saved to a dedicated disk array  Weekly and monthly backups to tape are taken off-site and stored with a secure third party 9

10 Planning and Prevention Data & Work Centers – Current State 10

11 Planning and Prevention Data & Work Centers – Future State 11

12 Plan in Action Recovery Process  BCMC Committee >Assesses the situation and discusses alternatives >Begins the recovery process either within the current facilities or at the recovery facility >Integrates with Central BCP Function  Infrastructure Team >Restores necessary technology and facility resources  Emergency Response Teams >Implement individualized recovery procedures that restore normal business operations 12

13 Plan in Action 13

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