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Population Health Improvement Plan (PHIP) July 23, 2015.

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1 Population Health Improvement Plan (PHIP) July 23, 2015

2 WNY Population Health Improvement Program Promote Triple Aim by convening stakeholders and establishing a neutral forum for Best practices to promote population health and reduce healthcare disparities Identifying Sharing Disseminating Implementing

3 NYS Department of Health Initiatives State Health Innovation Plan (SHIP) Prevention Agenda State Innovation Model (SIM) DSRIP (Medicaid) PHIP TRIPLE AIM

4 PHIP Initiative Overview $1.2 million for two years Program Period: 1/15/2015-1/14/17 11 PHIP Regions

5 Objective: Establish stakeholder engagement Represents different health sectors Current broken down to work groups Advisory team offers advice and support PHIP Steering Team: Those that impact or are impacted by healthcare issues

6 Objective: Advance New York State Department of Health initiatives

7 Create community environments that promote and support healthy food and beverage choices and physical activity. Increase screening rates for cardiovascular disease, diabetes and breast, cervical, and colorectal cancers, especially among disparate populations. Strengthen infrastructure for MEB health promotion and MEB disorder prevention. Promote mental, emotional and behavioral well-being in communities. NYS Prevention Agenda

8 Healthy Food & Beverage Choices and Physical Activity Engaged food distributors (grocery stores) in their food option practices –Reduced focus on sweetened foods; more support for healthy Increased physical activity locations and their attractiveness –Survey of access: Parks, Complete streets; Bike paths – organized physical activity events Improved relationship with food –# school/community gardens, farmers markets; Survey – acceptance of reduced sugar

9 Chronic Disease Screening Increased breast cancer screening for disparate populations where there is highest need –Look at high needs areas (risk stratification) - utilize current; look at # of screenings, specifically for breast cancer Population education on importance of breast cancer screening –Education population –Target organizational that have structure in place for reaching populations –One on one, patient navigation

10 Mental Health & Emotional Well-being Increased community knowledge of mental health –Working in collaboration with DSRIP PP’s. Increase community conversations and awareness Stigma of mental health is reduced –Baseline and community pre/post – maybe champion for cause 211 has increased MEB resources –Increase # of trainings to staff; providers keep information updated, 211 keep updated Increased capacity of community supports to address MEB well-being –211 has increased resources appropriate to unique populations

11 Mental Health & Emotional Well-being, continued Organize a community voice around community health –Identified and engaged and active community members which will emerge from group self- identification Increase warm hand-offs between medical and community programs –Environmental scan and assessment of current initiatives

12 Questions? Karen Lynn Hall, MS PHIP Program Manager 716.923.6576

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