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 Biome Coral Reefs By: Hamad Al Dafaa. Map of the Coral Reefs.

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1  Biome Coral Reefs By: Hamad Al Dafaa

2 Map of the Coral Reefs

3 Coral Reef

4 3 animals and 3 plants Animals:  Black-tip Reef Shark, Jelly fish and Turtles Plants:  Marine algae, Sea-grasses, and Mangroves  They provide nutrients and energy flow between habitats. The mangroves are important nursery for many reef species and help maintain coastal water quality by cutting down run-off of sediments.

5 Abiotic factors  Importance of abiotic factors that affect the animals and plants in the coral reef;  temperature is needed for survival, most live in warm waters;  clear water without having much sediment in order for light to break the surface of the water;  light is important for survival since corals live in a non- nutritional water, zooxanthellae algae produces food for the coral and itself and for photosynthesis to produce food, algae needs light.

6 Resources  Coral reefs provides resources such as:  Medicinal compounds - reef plants and animals have been used for treatment of heart disease, ulcers, cancer and even for bone grafting material  They provide barrier that protects shorelines and coastal cities by absorbing the wave energy  Protein to people from the seafood  Provide habitat to more than 1 million species

7 How Science has Helped  Science has helped to discover the resources of coral reef:  By understanding the ecosystem of the coral reef and its diversity we are now able to know that creatures don’t just live there but they generate species.  We know that the reefs build the diversity in the oceans and also our resources of food and medicine is a major break through. Medicine that is treats many diseases are important part of the coral reefs and science also helps know if we are using too much and destroying this important ecosystem that now people need for many things like medicine, food, and protecting our shore line.

8 Affect of Human Activity  Human activities that affect the biome of coral reef:  Over use and damaging the resources for subsistence and commercial fishing  Destructive fishing practices that destroy the habitat  Increasing coastal populations  Poor land use practices and run-off of pollutants, sediments  Removal of mangrove forest for international trade for marine aquaria

9 Natural Resources  Use of natural resources affected the environment, economic or society-  It provides goods and services that is estimated to be worth $375 billion a year, this is through jobs for fishermen, food and medicinal resources  Provides 15 tons of seafood each year  Small islands

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