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The Very First Camera Created by Ronquelda Quillen.

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1 The Very First Camera Created by Ronquelda Quillen

2 Cameras, Cameras, Cameras! Cameras have been around since the beginning of time. Taking pictures throughout one's life has been a part of American culture for over a hundred years now. The camera was first introduced in the United States in the early 1800s and was commercialized later in the century. From the time it was first put into the American market until now, the camera and the technology of the camera has changed significantly. Also, with the camera, the items that hold the photographs have changed significantly as well.

3 History of the Camera The earlier cameras of the 16 th and 17 th century could project images onto paper and glass, but it took longer to process, capture and print those images. The first official camera was invented in 1814. The big, clunky machine was used to take still life pictures in black and white. The photographs almost always came out scratchy and faded looking, but for the time, this machine was very impressive.

4 Why was the camera created? Everyone loves the idea of capturing a moment and holding on to those memories. What better way to do that? With a camera of Course! This relates to one of the four areas of interaction, dealing with creation and mankind. Human Ingenuity, asks the question “Why we create?” It’s concerned with human creative genius and the impact of this creativity on society and the human mind over time. It inspires people to learn to appreciate the human ability to influence, alter, enjoy, and improve the quality of life. Learning about human ingenuity therefore encourages students to see the relationships between science, aesthetics, technology, and ethics over time.

5 The Very First Camera the box form of Camera Obscura (meaning dark room) shown at the right was invented by Johann Zahn in 1685. The camera obscura was not a handheld camera as seen, but was a dark chamber which consisted of an optical device for drawing. The camera obscura used a lens or a pinhole to project the image of the scene on a viewing surface. The first camera obscuras were large enough to house one or more people.

6 Who was this creative genius? =) Eastman, George American inventor and philanthropist, who played a leading role in transforming photography from an expensive hobby of a few devotees into a relatively inexpensive and immensely popular pastime.

7 How Has The Camera Changed? The next big accomplishment in photography came with the introduction of color to the photographs in 1861. It took awhile for color cameras to be readily available to the public, so for the next thirty years, color photographs were still a relatively new, ground- breaking technology. Next in the photography world came the introduction of the digital camera. This made it so that photographs could be taken and then loaded into the computer to be sent to people via the internet.

8 The Camera Gets Even Better! A change in the way photography was done happened when the disposable camera was invented. This camera enabled travelers to take inexpensive cameras on vacations without carrying a big, expensive one with them instead. Finally, today there have been many new additions to the camera technology. Cell phones now have a picture-taking capability to them. And a such thing as “High- Definition” ability, which makes pictures even more clearer than before.

9 The First Camera

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11 THE END !

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