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Recommendations Shaping the Creative Economy of Burlington Vermont.

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1 Recommendations Shaping the Creative Economy of Burlington Vermont

2 The Creative Economy is an economic driving force fueled by the entire Creative Community of a given area or region. This community is comprised of Creative Workers and Creative Industries that depend upon the creativity of design, art, innovation and language in production. This community of individuals, organizations and industries add to an area’s economic sustainability as well as its cultural and social well-being by generating wealth and a high quality of life within the community.

3 The Creative Community in Burlington  According to Richard Florida, Burlington is the 4 th most Creative City in the United States. The 1 st most Creative in cities under 250,000  Burlington is the most tolerant city in the US  12.5% of Burlington’s workforce work directly in the Creative Economy  Burlington’s Creative Economy accounts for over $512 million in annual receipts

4 Shaping the Creative Economy of Burlington  The Creative Economy is an integral part of Burlington’s economy and the Creative Community is invaluable to Burlington’s sustainable future.  Creative communities and cultural resources are also crucial in attracting creative people and with them valuable creative industries

5 Can Burlington do more? YES! The Creative Economy in Burlington may be strong, but research has shown that the City of Burlington can do more to foster and sustain its Creative Community

6 Six Steps to the Future The six recommendations presented here will allow Burlington to improve upon its already strong Creative Economy through:  Recognition  Support Financial Managerial  Planning  Coordination  Collaboration

7 1.Promote Burlington as a Cultural Destination  Draw tourism dollars to the City  Attract Creative People  Attract Creative Industries and Industries that depend upon art and creative in production  Provide local and visiting artists with a steady clientele

8 Action Step Create a Nationally recognized Cultural District in Downtown Burlington, Vermont According to Americans for the Arts; “The impact of cultural districts is measurable: the arts attract residents and tourists who also support adjacent businesses such as restaurants, lodging, retail, and parking. The presence of the arts enhances property values, the profitability of surrounding businesses, and the tax base of the region. The arts attract a well-educated work force -- a key incentive for new and relocating businesses. Finally, the arts contribute to the creativity and innovation of a community.”

9 2. Integrate Creative Economic Development With Community Economic Development  Position Burlington as the leading “creative hub” of Vermont and New England  Strengthen its Creative Community to attract Creative People  Grow the Creative Economy of Burlington  Support arts and culture both as an economic tool and as an end unto themselves

10 Action Step  Create a task force to develop a Creative Economy Development Strategic Plan  Incorporate this plan into other strategic plans of the city such as the Greater Burlington Industrial Corporation’s plan “The human needs that are met by art, music, and cultural heritage activities in a community are the need for self-expression, the need for aesthetic enjoyment, and a need for connection to cultural and historical traditions in a community.” The Burlington Legacy Project

11 3. Create a One-Stop Resource Center  Provide technical assistance to artists and creative industries such as marketing, business management, and bookkeeping skills  Create an interactive hub for the Creative Community  Provide artists with exhibition space and connections to present and future clients

12 Action Step  Create and staff a One-Stop Resource Center in Burlington, this could be housed at the Firehouse Center for the Visual Arts.  The center will focus on the entire Creative Community; individual artists, small businesses, creative firms, and other actors in the Creative Economy.

13 4. Develop Training Tools for Creative People  Provide artists and entrepreneurs with the skills necessary to operate a small business Marketing, business skills, personnel management, and budgeting  Provide a series of courses structured to meet those needs in a format that the working person can utilize

14 Action Step  Burlington City Arts and the University of Vermont’s Department of Continuing Education should begin to meet to discuss the needs of artists and entrepreneurs in the Burlington area and develop training classes to help meet those needs.

15 5. Create a Collaboration Between Artists and Businesses  Allow local businesses to tap into the creative spirit of the local Creative Community  Provides artists with a valuable client  Allows companies to use creativity to remain competitive in a global marketplace

16 Action Step  Burlington should support and encourage Doreen Kraft, of Burlington City Arts, and her efforts to develop an artist-in-residence program for local companies. “Kohler Co. has long encouraged an ongoing dialogue with the art community by opening the doors of its pottery and iron foundry to internationally recognized artists…. The resulting free exchange of techniques and ideas has opened whole new avenues of creative expression for the artists.” The John Michael Kohler Arts Center

17 6. Develop a Live/Work District for Artists in Burlington  Provide affordable housing to artists that will also be used as studio and gallery space  Allows people to establish in-home- businesses without the expense of having to rent office or retail space  Give local and state tax exemption on sales of one-of-a-kind or limited edition work created and sold in this district

18 Action Step  Burlington should create a special “arts district” to allow for low-income artists and entrepreneurs to set up living/working space  Affordable housing dollars or tax incentives could be used to encourage the creation of this district.

19 Conclusion The City of Burlington is on the leading edge of the Creative Economy in the United States. The recommendations presented here, if acted upon, will enable Burlington to sustain and grow its Creative Economy.

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