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Abstract Photography & Canvas Painting. What am I?

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1 Abstract Photography & Canvas Painting

2 What am I?

3 Remember ABSTRACT = simplifying & breaking down an object

4 Look for interesting shapes, lines, textures, and patterns. You can make new arrangements. Zoom in, get up close with your subject, making it hard to identify.

5 Amazing examples of abstract photography

6 Composition Rule of thirds: an image is divided into thirds, like a tic- tac-toe board. The intersections of these lines are where your subject/focal point should be placed. See the tree above. Some people feel this is a more interesting composition than a centered image.

7 TIP: Diagonal lines are more exciting

8 Find something that has been repeated Like the street lamps in a parking lot Or these kiwi seeds

9 Your projects: Take a piece of paper. Fold, bend, or tear it to make an interesting form. Take an abstract photo of it. Take an abstract photo of an object (inside or outside of school) ONE of these photos will be edited in Photoshop and turned in as one project. The OTHER photo will be turned into a painting.

10 Paper Sculpture You will each get a piece of paper that you will cut, bend, or tear into an interesting form. You will then take several abstract photographs of your paper by zooming in. *notice how the paper was bent. The dark areas are shadows from the light.

11 Several sheets of paper that were bent to make an interesting line

12 Paper that was folded like an accordion

13 Create a pattern with the paper Notice the rule of thirds: the focal point is placed in one of the intersections!

14 Here are some patterns I found around the art room. See if you recognize them.

15 Same subject, different angle

16 Lines that are repeated

17 Then you can use Photoshop to edit your photos * For this I added a “neon glow” filter and a 30% opacity gradient layer




21 Tips for taking photos: Move around to find interesting view Zoom in & crop Tilt camera angle


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